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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Why Scotland is the Perfect Place to Get Engaged

18 Jul Why Scotland is the Perfect Place to Get Engaged

You have decided to “bite the bullet”, and marry your true love. Now the question is, “how do you go about “popping the question”? It is a big moment and must be prepared for. You want it to be special, and a cherished memory. You may want to prepare yourself for how to say it, before actually asking your future bride.

The Ring

The most important thing is to pick out a diamond ring for your partner. Some couples have probably discussed engagement rings a few times, and you might have a general idea of the type of ring to purchase. There are all sorts of sizes, and styles to choose from. There are square, round, rectangular, Marquis, Emerald, and oval. If you don’t know which type to buy, you can stick with the traditional round style. It is a safe bet. They are also safer, as the sharper shaped ones tend to cut people when they bump their hands on things.

The Proposal

Now the question is where to propose. You can choose a place that you met, a favorite place you go to, someplace romantic, adventurous, a sporting event, or even just at a family gathering. One place you should never really do it is at someone else’s wedding. It may sound like a good idea, but it steals the other couples special moment and day. 

So you know where and how not to propose, it is time to choose that special place. Why not take a romantic trip to Scotland. It would be a memorable vacation, and it has many different great places to propose at and visit as well. If you have Scottish ancestry it just adds to the romance. Scotland is a very old country established sometime prior to 4000BC. It is full of history, beautiful castles, and gorgeous old cities, such as Edinburgh. Stroll the streets of Edinburgh during Spring and Summer to see and smell as the beautiful flowers and vines adorning the buildings and in planters. If that does not put you in the mood for romance nothing will. Perhaps you can hike up to Arthurs seat, with a breathtaking view of the city, and pop the question.

Maybe while hunting for the Lochness monster, you can find that perfect picturesque spot that is calm, peaceful, and just plain pretty. Your partner will remember this day always. Why not stay in a castle, to propose in one of the gardens. This is something that not everyone gets to do. Make this a very special engagement. If you love the woods, book a cabin, to have candlelit dinners by the fire, then stargaze at night. 

The Best Day

Remember, this is your day. You don’t have to spend a fortune traveling the world for the perfect spot. Sometimes, it is right by you, a favorite garden, restaurant, a nearby park, river, creek, or lake. If you live in the mountains you could possibly choose a waterfall spot. Do be careful though. Don’t trek on dangerous mountainside walkways, where you may drop the ring or fall. If you are by the water make sure it is a safe distance from the water so as to not risk dropping it in the rushing water. Try to pick somewhere quiet so you or your partner will not be bothered or distracted. This will be the first day of the rest of your lives committed to each other. Revel in the moment, and good luck!

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