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Why Is Visiting Australia This Summer a Great Idea

27 Jun Why Is Visiting Australia This Summer a Great Idea

If you still haven’t visited Australia, the chances are you’re probably thinking about it, right? However, the majority of people consider this wonderful country to be a summer destination, so they will unfairly neglect all the beautiful sights that can be seen during the winter season.    

Why not visit Australia this summer and see what winter looks like in the southern hemisphere? You’d be surprised by how many gems you can discover while traveling around the country. From wildlife diversity to cities that never sleep, Australia has something to offer in every season.

If you’re thinking about making a trip to this lovely country, you will undoubtedly enjoy every moment of it. There are numerous reasons why Australia should be on your bucket list this summer, and we bring you some of those that will make you book your flight right away. 

Skiing in NSW or Victoria

Skiing probably isn’t one of the first activities you would think of when talking about Australia. However, there are two great places where you can head out if you’re thinking of having a ski holiday this summer: the Snowy Mountains in NSW or the Victorian Alps in Victoria. Both places will have enough snow so you can enjoy your skiing adventure completely. If you choose the Snowy Mountains, you can also see the highest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. On the other hand, Victoria will provide you with some of the steepest expert terrains. Whatever you choose, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Experience the Big City Life

Whether you choose to spend your days in Melbourne or Sydney, you will enjoy it very much as both of these cities have a lot to offer to tourists. For instance, an entire day can be spent simply by walking around the streets in Sydney where you can admire the splendid architecture. Then, you can have lunch at one of the finest restaurants with views that will take your breath away. After your sightseeing, you can relax in the Harbour Rocks Hotel and continue with your exploring the next day.

Visit Kangaroo Island

Can you really say you’ve been to Australia if you didn’t see at least one kangaroo? If these animals are something you’re really looking forward to on your trip, make sure that Kangaroo Island is on your list. This is the third largest island in Australia and it’s also home to many kangaroos, koalas and sea lions. During the winter time, you can enjoy hanging out with these adorable creatures along the coastline of more than 500 kilometers.

Have a Wellness Day in Nature

Going from one place to another can get pretty exhausting and you will want to take at least one day to relax and rejuvenate your senses. Litchfield National Park is a place full of natural pools, dense forests, cascading waterfalls and stunning surrounding nature which is perfect to visit during the winter days. This park also offers camping and nature walks for those who enjoy more adventurous moments or you can simply combine both while you’re already there.


Enjoy a Sip of Fine Australian Wine

Passionate wine lovers already know that Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to wines. Yarra Valley, a region near Melbourne, produces some of the best wines in this country which are also praised outside the borders of Australia. During the winter time, these wineries and vineyards are in full blossom and there are several ways for you to experience it. From flying in a hot-air balloon, going on a cycling tour to simply walk around, a visit to Yarra Valley is something you need to see during your days in Australia.

Spend a Few Days in Melbourne

If you’re arriving in Sydney, don’t think it’s enough to see only this city and skip visiting Melbourne. Both of these cities will provide you with a completely different experience. Some might say that Sydney is more urban than Melbourne and that Melbourne will take you back to the 1980s with its architecture and infrastructure. Of course, the impressions differ from one person to another, and the best way to decide what suits you best is to visit both of them. As Melbourne is a giant city, you should consider booking a night or two in a 5-star hotel Melbourne to relax and continue with your Australian adventure.

Drive Along the Great Ocean Road

If you’re always been fancying about driving along the coast while listening to your favorite tunes and simply enjoying the views, The Great Ocean Road is something you need to experience. It’s a 243-kilometer stretch in the south-eastern coast also known as one of the most scenic roads in the world. While driving, you can get close to the Australian native wildlife, misty waterfalls, and pristine rainforest. Every second on the Great Ocean Road will definitely be a moment to remember!


If you want to try out something different this summer, you should really think about booking a trip to Australia. Regardless of the number of days you have for such a vacation, your days will be perfect as you can enjoy so many activities during the Australian winter. 

After all, when being in nature as beautiful as this, you will recharge your batteries completely and be ready for your everyday activities once you come back. All that it’s left to do now is to book your flight and accommodation and the countdown to your Australian adventure can begin!

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