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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Travel Light and Happy

Ways to Keep Your Sanity on the Go Whether you travel for business, pleasure, family obligations or all of the above, the process can be a bit hectic. Flights can be delayed, cars can break down and kids can get restless. As much as you enjoy...

Questions to Ask Before Buying an RV

An RV is a great way to be able to travel the country. You can see things you've only dreamed of, camp at national parks and spend time on the open road. The best part is that you get to do it all from the...

How to Maintain Your Active Lifestyle While Traveling

When you’re at home, working out is a lot easier. You have access to your local gym, your home equipment and you know where to shop for the most nutritious options that work with your meal plan. What happens when you go on vacation? For...

Travel Gift Guide
Travel Gift Guide

    Christmas is just around the corner. Maybe you have no idea what to give to your travel-loving friend? Here is my travel gift guide for travel lovers. The list covers the hottest and must-haves and new products for travellers.  This post contains affiliate links   Polaroid Snap...

The Best Way to Plan Out the Perfect Camping Trip

Camping trips are fun and exciting. Sometimes it's the best way to get to spend some great and relaxing time outdoors with family and friends. It is the perfect way to get to bond with your children and create memories that will last a lifetime!...

What To Pack For A Winter-Trip To Europe
What To Pack For A Winter-Trip To Europe

  It is not easy to figure out what to pack for a Winter-trip to Europe. That’s why I have created this essential packing list that covers what to bring of clothes, bags, travel essentials and camera equipment. Think Berlin will be hot during Winter? Nope,...