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Explore the Philippines Like a Pro

23 Jan Explore the Philippines Like a Pro

For years, the small island of Palawan has been topping travelers lists as the most beautiful island in the world. But there is more to this island nation than this one stunning location. Take the time to look at the many splendors that make up the Philippines. Once you do, you’ll see why you need to make this your next vacation spot.   

Exotic Island Locals 

You may not realize that the Philippines is made up of close to 8,000 islands; 7,641 to be exact. Each one offers the chance for a new adventure as you travel from bustling island beaches to the perfect romantic hideaway just waiting to be discovered. Take the time to decide if you want a metropolitan experience in cities like Makati or Manila, or the white sand beaches of Boracay or El Nido. Working with your travel agents, you can come up with an itinerary that shows you some of the diversity that makes up this nation. Don’t forget to ask about setting yourself up for a sunset cruise to truly take in all this island paradise has to offer.  

Creatures Unlike Any Other 

The Philippines is known for its exotic corals filled with beautiful tropical fish, including the world’s largest fish – the whale shark. However, these extraordinary creatures are not the only uncommon animals that inhabit this country. Conservationists have made efforts to preserve these animals and their habitats. So, whether you are looking for new exotic fish at the bottom of the sea or in any of the animal preserves, the rich wildlife will bring out the animal lover in anyone.   

Delicious Delicacies 

From adobo to lumpia, Filipino food is making headlines around the globe. The food scene is taking off and bringing in international attention, including making it onto the exclusive top 50 of the World’s Best Asian eateries list. The food scene is even attracting the attention of the Hollywood bigwigs at Netflix. Their series Street Food chose to finish off their much-celebrated first season highlighting the food scene in Cebu. Take the time to explore all the Philippines has to offer, from the vendors on the street to the Michelin rated restaurants that choose to call it home.   

A Warm and Welcoming Culture 

When you arrive in the Philippines, some of the kindest people you will ever meet will be waiting to welcome you. They will embrace you into their culture with open arms, ready to feed you, teach you and celebrate with you. Filipino festivals are unlike any other. From Sinulog to Christmas, be ready to commemorate various holidays and events, both the familiar and foreign, any time of year. As English and Tagalog are the national languages, getting around the Philippines is easy.  

A Budget Lover’s Dream 

If costs are your concern when traveling, the Philippines is the answer. From amazing and affordable delicacies sold from street vendors to budget-friendly hostels and Airbnb, keeping to your budget is both simple and fun. Estimate spending less than $50 a day while on vacation. One of the benefits of this beautiful country, is the sites are everywhere and affordable. If you are looking for an amazing adventure at a reasonable cost, look no further.  

Luxurious Escapes 

The dichotomy of class in the Philippines is real and the luxury scene takes you from the rich splendors of Manila hotels to the remote and exclusive resorts that populate the islands. Whether you are looking for a beachfront massage or a private island tour, hotels offer anything and everything as an option. Privacy and luxury are found in abundance in the Philippines.  

When booking your next vacation, make sure to take the time to consider the Philippines. This country offers exotic scenery, delicious delicacies, and a warm welcoming culture. Whether you are traveling on a budget or seeking a luxurious vacation away, this island’s gorgeous backdrop will give even the most avid traveler wanderlust.   


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