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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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04 Jul How I Earned My First $200 Travel Blogging

You might have seen bloggers posting a post about how much they earned last month etc. I could never understand how people can earn up to $100.000 a month blogging. I soon realised it is not impossible but it requires a lot of work.

You will not get rich right away but in this post, I will help you how you can get started with a small amount each month.

I started to get into affiliate marketing only a few months after blogging. After doing a lot of research of bloggers in my niche I decided to try Amazon affiliate as they didn’t have that high requirement to get accepted to their partner program.

It is very simple. You get a code embedded in the link with Amazon. When you post a banner or a product link on your website and someone clicks that link and buy anything on Amazon, you get a commission. The commission( percentage of how much the product costs) is varying in different areas on Amazon. See image below.

How to get started with Amazon affiliate – Step By Step

  1.  Simply click the join for free button


2.   Choose I am a new customer

3.  Put in your name, email address and the password you wish to useHow to get started with amazon affiliate

4. Follow rest of the steps 

5. When you get accepted you need to fill in tax- information on account settings

6. When you have completed the tax information you can start using the program.

Using Amazon Affiliate – Blogging

  1. After logging in you will see this on the home screen. Click product linking and product links

2. You can click on a specific product that you are looking for and you can also search within different stations.

3. When you have found the product you want, click get link

4. You will then see something like this. You can choose between image only, text only or both

5. Highlight the HTML and copy it.

6. Paste it into your blog post in the TEXT section. Save the text section and go to Visual and save again.

It will then look like this. I suggest writing about the products and why you liked it.


You can look more of my first post that got successful. I created a Pinterest pin and shared it on Pinterest. And I  did that a few months before Christmas when people were looking for Christmas presents. Many people use Pinterest to find something to buy so use it for what it is worth.

Native Shopping Ads

If you want to have more ad looking links and I recommend Native Shopping Ads

To use click on Native Shopping Ads and Create Ad Unit. You will have three options: Recommendation Ads, Search Ads or Custom Ads.

With Search Ads, you can search anything and the most relevant products will show up. If you use custom ads, you can use any products that are not related to each other. With Recommendation ad, you can choose any category and it will use the recommended products as the ad.

You can see my example on how I use the native shopping ads here.



I personally don’t like the banners to Amazon that much. But it is great for putting it in on for example the sidebar or within the post.

Click on product link and then banners. You can choose from all categories on Amazon.

how to earn money blogging

You can choose from different sizes and you do the same as the product links where you just copy and paste the HTML code and you can put it in as a widget in the sidebar or in the post, etc.


Note that you can not buy products from your own account using the affiliate links and you can not use a direct pin using the image on Amazon. Create a Pinterest pin instead it looks a lot better.  The rules are different in every country, but I recommend to disclose that you are using affiliate links on your blog. I usually write: “This post contains affiliate links” and it is linked to my disclosure policy. You can find templates if you don’t know what to write. Remember to read the program policies to Amazon. People have been kicked out for not using it right.

I really hope you got an idea how to use Amazon affiliate. You won’t get super rich right away and remember it won’t happen by itself, you also need to promote and promote. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

  • Candy
    Posted at 15:33h, 04 July Reply

    When we discovered AF, it opened up a whole new world of blogging for us. Amazon affiliate is awesome (we use it:)) and there are so many other companies out there that help with AF. Great article for beginners 🙂

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 15:50h, 04 July Reply

      That is great. It sure is. I like to focus on one 😀 Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • Susan R
    Posted at 02:05h, 05 July Reply

    This was such a helpful guide, I should up my Amazon Affiliates game. Is it true that it only works for customers from one country e.g. USA or UK, as I think there are separate programs for both of those countries? Have you tried the new Amazon Influencer programme? I’ve heard about it but I’m not sure how it differs from this

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 04:39h, 05 July Reply

      Yeah, I think it is sort of different from US and UK. I use the US one as I live in Ecuador which is closer to the US. But people can buy it from all over the world. I didn’t know about the Amazon influencer program. Thank you for letting me know 🙂

  • Patricia
    Posted at 10:05h, 05 July Reply

    I haven’t had much luck with Amazon affiliate marketing, but I think that’s a combination of not really working the program into all my posts, and not having a high enough volume of unique traffic to continuously generate sales. Clearly, I need to get moving with it because it seems like a really good option for brining in extra cash and helping people find stuff they might actually want on their travels. Thanks for sharing!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 03:59h, 07 July Reply

      It is pretty good and it is easy. I think it is important to write about products you like and then promote it on Pinterest , then it will start I am sure 🙂

  • Veronica P.
    Posted at 13:22h, 05 July Reply

    Congrats on your win! This is a big step towards a bigger victory! Thank you for the guide! This is what I really was looking for!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 03:57h, 07 July Reply

      I am so happy you that you liked it. Thank you 😀

  • Paige W
    Posted at 17:52h, 05 July Reply

    This is perfect! I literally have this on my list of things to do tomorrow! Thanks for all of the help so I can get all setup!

  • Claire Summers
    Posted at 10:09h, 06 July Reply

    I set this up a year ago and I think I’ve earned like 35 cent haha. I can’t say I’ve put a huge effort into it though. Well done on managing to earn $100 in the first month. That’s pretty amazing!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 03:52h, 07 July Reply

      I thank Pinterest for that. If it wasn’t for publishing it to Pinterest I think it can be pretty hard, especially if you don’t have a huge following already.

  • Miriam -
    Posted at 13:14h, 06 July Reply

    It is so nice to be able to make a little bit of money with blogging – it is so much hard work after all. Very interesting to read about Amazon’s affiliate program.


    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 03:51h, 07 July Reply

      Exactly, thank you for commenting and stopping by 🙂

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