Visit Canada and fulfill your dream Canadian Bucket List
The year 2017 marks as Canada’s 150th birthday and a lot of interest have been generated by this country that has intrigued and allured many globe-trotters.
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Visit Canada and fulfill your dream Canadian Bucket List

21 Feb Visit Canada and fulfill your dream Canadian Bucket List


A guest post by Priya from Travel World Guide.

The year 2017 marks as Canada’s 150th birthday and in recent times a lot of interest has been generated by this country that has intrigued and allured many globe-trotters. Whatever little glimpse and knowledge of Canada they have known has got them hooked on to look forward to visiting this country. However, what is more, exciting is that they have not even scratched the surface. Immense and impressively beautiful – Canada goes beyond just Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls. If you are serious on visiting the Great White North, then you need to have a list of things to see and do in Canada a.k.a A Canadian Bucket list. If you are compiling a bucket list of what to do in Canada, the list will be exhaustive and long enough for you to probably fall in love with the country and plan moving forever to Canada. That’s the kind of effect Canada’s nature, people and culture have on its visitors. So here’s a checklist of what to look forward to for a memorable Canadian experience on your trip.

A Canadian Rail Journey

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The best relaxing way to journey through Canada’s diverse natural vistas – a Canadian rail vacation will take you through the finest scenic regions with itineraries covering the beauteous Canadian Rockies, the ice fields and glacier parks, Vancouver’s astounding vistas, Canada’s Atlantic seacoast and the  mesmerizing regions of Banff, Calgary, Lake Louise, and Jasper. Choose from a range of rail vacations accompanied by spectacular rail coaches with wide windows and super comfy seating arrangements which range from standard to premium services along with a fabulous range of cuisine and comfortable accommodation stops on the journey. The experience is a guaranteed best rail vacation of your life.

Skiing in Whistler

An undulating landscape of blank canvas of powdery white snow perfect for skiing waits for you at Whistler. The sunlight glistening on the snow is mind-blowing scenery to experience. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, the snowy mountain terrains of Whistler lets you experience the thrill of skiing amid pristine natural ambiences. So on your Canadian holiday, be ready to hit the snowy slopes and race down to feel the excitement of adrenaline rush.  Whistler is the place to be to soak up the stunning Canadian wintry landscapes and ignite your adventure spirit with a variety of winter sports options.

Watch the Northern Lights

The northernmost regions of Canada lie in the Arctic Circle making it Canada’s most favorable destination to view the Northern Lights. Yukon and Canadian Northwest Territories fondly called the Canadian Arctic is brimming with prodigious wonders of nature. The day and night activities are equally fascinating. Plan a trip to Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Athabasca Country, Nunavik and enjoy the wilderness and exciting activities such as snowmobile ride, wild dog sled ride, relaxing in hot springs, or ice fishing till the scenery fades into darkness and gradually becomes an enchanting paradoxical  spectacle of light on the skies that leaves you with an experience imprinted in your mind forever.

Walk across the ocean floor in New Brunswick

Head to Hopewell Rocks located at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick  – a place renowned for being the sight to witness world’s largest tides. The high tides during full moons are massive and create gigantic waves. During the low tide, once the tides recede, the ocean floor lays bare for about three hours and you can actually walk on the ocean floor during this time. To experience this contrasting scenery, visit the place during high tide and then come back during the low tide to witness the water receding to provide you a moist ocean path to explore.

Drive the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

Among Canada tourist attractions, Nova Scotia has some of the most picturesque regions and beautiful scenic nature trails where you can go hiking, biking or simply to take a stroll. Among these nature trails, Cabot Trail is often recommended and is known to be one of the most beautiful tracks to enjoy a leisure drive amid nature. This 300-kilometer stretch is an absolutely spectacular experience where you can just drive past splendid coastal vistas on one side and incredible rolling mountain terrains on the other. Do take stops in between at the coastal villages and tuck into some delicious authentic local seafood cuisine.

Make an appointment with Polar Bear   

There aren’t many places in the world where you can find unique wildlife right in their natural habitat.  Canada, on the other hand, is filled with exotic animals and promises you an extraordinary rendezvous with its exceptional wildlife. Here you have a chance to meet polar bears in their natural environment, living and roaming freely. Being in the Arctic Circle has given Canada an advantage of providing its visitors the rare chance to witness these furry creatures. Head to Churchill in Manitoba which is where you can come close to polar bears during their migrating season.

Gear up for Heli-Skiing in British Columbia

Of course, you can ski to your heart’s content in Canada – millions of acres covered in powdery snow are perfect for a variety of snow sports. However, if you need to tweak up the adrenaline rush a level higher, then try heli-skiing where you will be taken up the mountain slope on a scenic helicopter ride and dropped down to the snow from a level so that you can just jump down and ski all the way down the snowy slope. Enjoy the ultimate ski experience at Whistler, Revelstoke, Cariboo Range, South Chilcotin Mountains to name a few.

Experience the colorful fall season

One of the best reasons to visit Canada is autumn. The scenery is intensely flamboyant with the dense forests and tree leaves turning into crimson red, hues of green and yellow, and suave shades of pink and orange. The Canadian regions of Algonquin Provincial Park, Banff, Mont Tremblant, Nova Scotia, the Rocky Mountains swathe itself in a burst of vibrant colours which stands out besides complementing its serene settings of lakeshores, meadows, mountain terrains, quaint cities, and towns. During the fall season, Canada wishes you a good day by offering you the view of vibrant autumn foliage along with charming ambience and the cool breeze that would certainly add a spring to your step.

Visit the Niagara Falls

The most famous waterfall in the world – Niagara Falls stretches from the USA to Canada, and the Canadian side of the falls is the most remarkable attraction you have to witness on your holiday in Canada. The magnificent concave structured falls running along the border of USA to Canada known as the Horseshoe falls is what Niagara Falls have always been photographed and projected in the minds of visitors.  During the day, take the ‘Journey behind the fall’ tour and later experience the falls at night when it is illuminated in dancing lights to provide a spectacular panorama.

Go Glacier Hiking

By far the ultimate experience you need to include on your Canada holiday, Glacier hiking is a one of a kind and off beaten journey that takes you into a magical world of frosty blue ice lands. Step up on crystal clear ice sheets, surrounded by frozen white landscapes and slowly keep pacing forth the valley floor marveling at the cool ambience and icy panoramas. The Athabasca Glacier and Columbia ice fields are two prime places to visit in Canada where you can put on your snow boots and walk across a glacier stretch.

Snorkel with Belugas in Manitoba

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that Canada will offer unimaginable wildlife expeditions. A country where you can come face to face with polar bears gives you yet another spectacular experience of swimming with Beluga Whales. Hudson Bay in Manitoba has the largest population of Beluga whales which are very active from June to September. Quite friendly and sociable in nature, you can hop on a canoe and cruise along with the whales or if you are ready to plunge into icy waters, take a snorkeling tour or swim around with these ocean creatures.

Drive from Banff to Jasper

The Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are a treasure trove of fascinating scenic vistas. So if you are holidaying in Canada, do not miss the chance of touring through these national parks. A three-hour scenic drive tour from Banff to Jasper via the ice fields parkway is a definite thing to do in Canada to explore the jaw-dropping sights of clear blue skies, lush green woods,  majestic mountains dusted with snow, still and clear lakes, and icy blue glaciers.  A driving tour is recommended as you can stop midway anywhere you wish and just unplug from the materialistic modern world to reconnect with the tranquillity of nature.

Visit Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park

Desert in Canada? The country doesn’t seem to stop springing surprises. Yes indeed, the Athabasca Sand dunes are Canada’s version of a desert region set in the province of Saskatchewan stretching along the shores of Lake Athabasca projecting stunning landscapes of sand dunes, pebbled surfaces, and rare plant species.  Canada’s largest active sand surface is considered as a highly fragile ecozone and is a protected area; the only way to view these unique sand formations is through a plane ride or by boat.

Delve into some Poutine and Maple syrup

How can you possibly miss gorging on some signature Canadian cuisine while you are visiting Canada? Maple Syrup – the country’s favourite syrup is something you will fall in love with and once you have tasted it, you will end up smearing maple syrup on every dish. And you cannot resist the temptation of Poutine – a Canadian classic dish that is delicious as well as soul-stirring consisting of crispy fries topped with cheese curd and brown gravy. One bite into it and you would give in to its guilty pleasures of Canadian cuisine.

On your voyage through Canada, you might feel that the country is a compilation of fragments of many country scenes rolled into one, yet Canada stands apart from all and presents you some of the most astounding experience that you cannot expect to experience anywhere else in the world. The variation of experiences is so diverse that no matter what your preference is, Canada has something for every type of traveller, and once you come and visit Canada, you would always feel like going back for more. So plan your visa requirements for Canada and enjoy your finest of Canadian leisure and adventure experiences.

  • stephanie
    Posted at 13:56h, 21 February Reply

    I am not much of a fan of cold weather, but canada looks beautiful.

  • Linda Kauffeldt
    Posted at 14:15h, 21 February Reply

    What a beautiful post with equally beautiful photos. As a Canuck, I hope to see much more of Canada than I have. You have done my country proud by showcasing all its beauty … right down to the poutine!

    You have a new follower here and I can’t wait to see what you post next. 🙂

  • Grace
    Posted at 18:57h, 21 February Reply

    saving for in case I ever go back to Canada! Spent a long weekend in Montreal last year for a conference so didn’t have much time to sight see but love this!

  • Kia DeCou
    Posted at 07:33h, 22 February Reply

    Canada looks so beautiful! I hope to go someday and explore!

  • Molly Gibson Kirby
    Posted at 12:01h, 22 February Reply

    I am so glad to live in Canada. the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Every province has it’s own special secrets. Love this post 🙂

  • Eric || The Bucket List Project
    Posted at 16:54h, 22 February Reply

    Heading to Banff this summer to explore the parks and see the lakes!! Poutine was on my bucket list but cheese curds are kind of blah and that gravy is super salty!

    Don’t forget that all National Parks are FREE in 2017 to celebrate their 150 years of being created!!

  • Tamara @Parenting 2 Home Kids
    Posted at 15:31h, 24 February Reply

    Baniff and Churchill have been on my bucket list for awhile. Thanks for some new ideas when I tour Canada. I would add the historic fort in Winnepeg. We were there several years ago and it was a great living history visit with young children.

  • Agness of Fit Travelling
    Posted at 06:13h, 09 March Reply

    I would love to see the Northern Lights one day, Vibeke! There are so many amazing things to do in Canada!

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