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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Best Tips for Traveling the US Coast to Coast

31 Aug Best Tips for Traveling the US Coast to Coast

While it may seem like fun traveling from coast to coast in the United States there is a lot of preparation that must go into this trip. There is some beautiful scenery and a person will get to experience the best of what the United States has to offer. These are some tips when planning a cross country road trip.

Time of Year

When traveling keep in mind the different weather conditions that come along with the different seasons. During the winter months, some of the road conditions may be icy. During the summer there are going to be some really hot temperatures. Around the holiday season, there is going to be traffic and a lot of people on the road traveling. It is important to find the time of the year that works best with the weather. Many people chose to travel cross country in spring or fall.

Take an RV

An RV will allow a person to sleep comfortably as they travel. They will not have to pay for hotel fees. They can also prepare food in the RV so they will not have to spend money on takeout. An RV is like a home on wheels or as close to home as a person will get when traveling. It is important to have a comfortable RV mattress to sleep on when traveling so a person can wake up feeling refreshed.

Develop a Plan

While a person may just wake up and want to drive they need to develop a travel plan. A person should look at the areas that they are going to want to stop in. They should also book a campground for their RV or a hotel room to make sure there is a vacancy. This will help a person have some direction when they are traveling.

Bring Entertainment

When traveling there are some areas where there is not much to see. Traveling long roads can get a little dull especially if there are children in the car. Be sure to bring along some books, a portable movie player, and some music. It is also wise to bring some snacks and drinks along. A person may get hungry between stops and can snack on something as they travel. 

Prepare the Car

When going on a long trip a person should get their fluid levels in the car, get an oil change, and check the condition of the tires. A person should also make sure they have a spare tire with them. The brake pads should be examined and they may need to be replaced. A person may think of getting a service such as AAA just in case something happens while thousands of miles away from home.

Start Early

If a person is looking to avoid the crowds they should start their day early. If a person is looking to go to National Parks the best time to go is 7 am before the crowds get there. When on the road a person should plan around rush hour. They should avoid traveling when the roads are going to be the busiest and research traffic for specific areas.

Enjoy Local Activities

A person should do some local activities in each state that they travel to. This will allow them to experience new things and they will be able to have some fun while on the trip.

These are some tips to travel coast to coast. The United States has many different climates and one state is different than the next. Traveling through the country can be a lot of fun and is an experience like none other.


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