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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Author: thevikingabroad

48h in Bucharest: What to see & where to go

When you’re visiting the usual European capitals such as Paris, London or Berlin, you kind of already know what to expect and probably already have a list of things to do and to-go places. But that may not be the case with the eclectic Bucharest,...

Tips for Going on Your First Cruise

Going on a cruise trip is guaranteed to be the adventure of your life, but before packing up your luggage and heading to the closest airport just yet, you should probably know the best ways to enjoy your first cruise. Additionally, if your next destination...

How to Enjoy your time In the Western United States

Spring has sprung and the west is putting on its dancing shoes. I’ve had the opportunity to travel around a few states near me and enjoy activities of all kinds. I thought to myself, “why not share a little review of my favorite spots?”. So...

How Traveling In Large Groups Can Benefit You

Whenever you decide to take off to your next travel destination, you may want to consider bringing some of your friends along with you. It doesn't matter whether it's a weekend trip or a month-long adventure. When you travel in large groups, you can enjoy...

From the Grand Canyon to the Hot Geysers – the USA Has it All

(image source: Shutterstock) World’s third largest country in term of land area, the United States of America offers a plethora of experiences to those who seek. With picturesque beaches, redwood forests, snow-covered peaks, bustling cities, and big open skies, the US has it all. If we...

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