Vibeke Johannessen, Author at The Viking Abroad
Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Author: Vibeke Johannessen

6 Tips for Your Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

The ocean views, rolling hills and redwood forests of the Pacific Coast Highway are hard to beat when it comes to scenic road trips in the United States. There's no one right way to enjoy this popular route, but these six tips will help you...

Get Healthy Before Traveling During COVID-19

Planning a trip is exciting. It can also be overwhelming when you are also trying to stay healthy during the era of COVID-19. Here are a few tips for keeping your mind and body in optimal shape as you prepare for travel. Get Plenty of Sleep Getting...

Top 10 essentials for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic.
Top 10 essentials for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic

Travelling might change forever after the coronavirus pandemic. Even if you need to travel now or in the future here are some must-haves for your travels to keep you and others safe for viruses.       Zario Empty Travel Size Bottle and Keychain Holder. No need to buy new...

Puerto Rico Beyond the Beach

If you’re headed to Puerto Rico for vacation, chances are you have already researched the best beaches on the island. You’ve probably come across names like Playa Caracas, Playa Peña Blanca and Flamenco Beach. However, man and woman cannot live by beach alone, so if...

When Is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Many believe Greek civilization began about 700 B.C.E. It's at this time that some of the first city-states which came to dominate Greek culture were created. These city-states would soon become some of the most prolific traders in the Mediterranean, and one of the most famous...