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5 Reasons To Take A Golfing Holiday In Vietnam

24 Jul 5 Reasons To Take A Golfing Holiday In Vietnam

If you are an avid golfer who fancies a truly unique golfing experience, you couldn’t find a better destination than the tropical paradise of Vietnam. This wonderful nation has some world-class golf courses, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the many reasons why your next golfing holiday destination should be Vietnam.

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  1. Stunning Beauty – Vietnam has a lush, green climate, and some of the courses are simply stunning, set in a variety of tropical locations that must be seen to be believed. The climate is always warm, so no matter the season, you won’t need any cold weather clothing, and this is something your tour operator can help you with, as they will tell you about the weather and other important factors regarding a golfing holiday in Vietnam.
  2. Truly Exceptional Golf Courses – There are many stunning golf courses that were designed by world-class course architects, and you can check out Vietnam guided tours that are available from online tour operators. Hanoi has around 40 world-class golf courses within range, with many built by the likes of Greg Norman and Nick Faldo, who were both top golfers in their prime. The standards are very high, as you would expect in a developed country, and this merely adds to the appeal, with pristine links that are very well-maintained.
  3. Skilled Caddies – The girls that caddy at these top courses know the links like the back of their hand, and this local information can be very valuable for a player who is enjoying their first visit to the course. As we all know, having an experienced local caddie can really make the difference and turn an average score into one that beats your personal best.
  4. Affordable Courses – When compared to your home country, the green fees in Vietnam are incredibly cheap, and some say that Vietnamese green fees are at least 10% less than in Thailand. Of course, if you book your holiday through an established local tour company, they will know the best courses and can help you plan your golfing holiday to include some of the best golf courses in the country. When you book with a leading tour operator, they would include the green fees and caddy expenses in their costing, which means you only have to tip your caddy at the end of a really enjoyable day’s golfing.
  5. Great Variety – The types of courses that can be experienced in Vietnam are varied, with some that are alongside beautiful beaches, while others are tucked away in a lush green valley. If you book a golfing holiday in Vietnam, one thing is for sure: you will be challenged in many ways, and can experience a wide range of courses, designed by top course architects.

Image Source: Unsplash

There are many great reasons to choose Vietnam for your next golfing holiday, and by using the services of a leading tour operator, you can be sure to play some of the best courses this amazing country has to offer.

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