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Why Fiji is a Dream Destination

16 Aug Why Fiji is a Dream Destination

Fiji is one of the most remarkable parts of the globe one could ever want to visit. A land that avoided the urbanization of other paradise destinations, Fiji is a land that retains its natural beauty. While at the same time offering some of the most premier resorts in the world. Upon arriving in Nadi, you will be met with the smiling faces of people eager to help you get to your destination. Whether it requires a simple taxi ride, or a high-speed ferry to one of the over 300 islands that constitute Fiji.

A Place of Beauty

The main islands of Fiji, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, boast high mountains that draw in rain even in the dry season, creating areas of rainforest and waterfalls, such as the falls of Taveuni, while the leeward sides of the island stay dry and sunny. Protected by a large reef, hundreds of atolls which are dotted with resorts have calm waters that lap the shore. During a lazy day, you may lay in one of the hammocks, listening to the gentle waves lap the shore as the trade winds gently cool you from the tropical sun. Or you may explore the peaceful ocean that surrounds the islands and see the magnificent sea life that abound in the reefs. Maybe you’ll explore an island where not another person is. And as the sun dips beyond the horizon, you will be treated to the freshest fish prepared by wonderful chefs.

A Place of Adventure

Not only is Fiji blessed with incomparable beauty, but it also is home to some of the greatest surfing, diving, and fishing on the planet. The Southern Hemisphere’s winter is Fiji’s dry season, and Fiji is blessed with weather in the 80s about every day. And swells from the southern ocean pound the reefs that protect the Fijian islands. Surfers flock to Fiji from all around the globe to enjoy the warm waters and perfect waves.

Meanwhile, those same reefs create amazing dive opportunities for those interested in SCUBA, and fishermen don’t have to battle large seas while attempting to catch the wealth of game fish that populate the waters off the coast. If one travels up to the Yasawa Islands, you may visit caves or snorkel the place that the Island of the Blue Lagoon was filmed among the countless unpopulated islands. There is also zip-lining through caves and amazing hikes among other activities that are sure to keep your adrenaline pumping the whole time you’re there.

A Place to Take the Plunge

Perhaps the greatest allure of Fiji is the opportunity for romance. Imagine relaxing after a full day of taking in the beauty that is Fiji and soaking in all of the excitement that Fiji has to offer, watching the sun setting and lighting up the passing clouds in orange, pink and red splendor over the calm ocean as you enjoy a drink with your loved one, your tanned faces glowing in the evening light. Perhaps in your pocket, there is a ring, a solitaire surrounded by lab created diamonds that you feel as you drop to a knee before your loved one. Imagine her smile as she realizes how perfect, how romantic her moment is. There are few places on earth that could offer such an ideal opportunity.

If you’re thinking about adventure, romance, relaxation, or the ideal spot to propose, Fiji offers all of this in abundance. Not only will you have the time of your life, but you are certain to make some friends with the locals, drinking kava and having them guide you around their paradise. Look for the surprisingly cheap rates that the resorts have to offer and prepare for the time of your life. Bula!

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