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Where To Go on Vacation in the US

02 Feb Where To Go on Vacation in the US

Finding the perfect spot to vacation in America can be rather difficult when there are so many options. Many are torn on where to go. Sometimes it helps to know what others are doing, allowing you to see what the popular favorites are. Here are five of the most common vacation spots in the United States.    

Orlando, Florida

While Florida is a wonderful state to visit for numerous reasons, the city of Orlando is one of the most popular places for people to go to. Known for its famous theme parks, Orlando is one of the best places for family vacation. Disney World brings its visitors to a magical place where all one’s dreams seem to come true. Its parks include various rides, real animals, state of the art food, countless character interactions, and extraordinary engineering many never thought was possible.

Sea World has its thrills, but many love the interaction they can have with the various sea life there. Universal Studios, which runs some of the world’s longest and fastest roller coasters, can also be found here. This place also gives its guests the feeling they are walking into some of their favorite movies. Each of these parks offers a variety of attractions that cater to both the young and old resulting in its family-centered popularity.   


With its sandy beaches, gorgeous terrain, and constant sun, the Hawaiian Islands are a place many wish to explore. These islands pride themselves on their rich history and ancient customs. Visitors will find themselves learning things they never knew about the islanders. Activities here range from surfing to hiking and snorkeling to rock climbing, making it the perfect for vacation for almost anyone. Numerous plantations and museums are available to tour, showing guests the process of alcohol making, pineapple growing, and sugar cane manufacturing. As many places do, Hawaii prides itself on its specialty foods. A trip to the island would not be complete without experiencing a proper luau to give a visitor a true Hawaiian welcome.

New York, New York

Those who love the city will find their happy place in New York City. It has almost everything a true city should. One of its more famous occurrences are the Broadway plays that are performed every night. Many will come from around the country desiring to see these critically acclaimed productions. New York City is also home to one of the nation’s most popular shopping spots, Time’s Square. Lit both day and night, shoppers flock to these stores daily. Lady Liberty can also be seen in the Harbor surrounding the city, reminding all who visit America welcomes each one of them.  

Washington D.C.

History enthusiasts will find no better spot to vacation than at the District of Colombia. Filled with the nation’s prominent political personal, visitors will not only learn about their country’s history, but they will have the opportunity to see it happen right now. One can visit the U.S. Mint to see how money is made. One could also watch the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery to honor the fallen. America’s founding documents can be seen in the National Archives museum, while some of the founding father’s inspired books can be found in the Library of Congress. Washington holds no shortage of historical artifacts, and many can be found within the Smithsonian Institution.

Los Angeles, California

For those who profess themselves to be movie buffs, visiting Hollywood is the place to go. Here they can tour countless movie and show studios, spy on actor’s homes, and enjoy a stroll down the Walk of Fame. Los Angeles does hold more than movies, although it is a primary reason for popularity. Sports are a popular comradery around town, and one can easily see why. It is home to some of the greatest teams and athletes the world has ever seen. The Santa Monica pier is a favorite as well, boasting one of the nation’s finest boardwalks.

Keep these places in mind the next time go on vacation. Each one has its own unique experiences to offer, and you can be sure you’ll enjoy yourself wherever you choose to go.

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