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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Ways to Stay Healthy When Traveling

30 Oct Ways to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling throws off your schedule whether you’ve gone for work or for pleasure. You might be facing jet lag or business meetings, or you may just be tempted to lay by the beach all day. However, it’s important to stick to your exercise routine so that you don’t end up falling behind in your plan. Here are a few ways you still get in a great workout while on the go. 

Pack the Right Clothes

You’re going to run into a problem if you only packed work appropriate shoes. You need to make sure you pack your gym bag essentials. Bring whatever gear you typically workout in. The weather may be different where you’re going, so you need to check in advance. You also need to decide whether you’ll be exercising inside or outdoors as that will determine what kind of clothes you need. If you’re driving to your destination you can, you can bring some gym gear, such as a yoga mat with you. You’ll probably want to pack a little lighter if you’re flying though, and you should keep in mind that airlines do have weight limits on suitcases. 

Use Online Videos

You may not have access to a gym or your home workout equipment, but you can still find plenty of great workout videos online to try. There really is something for everyone out there. Just search exercise videos online and try different ones out. They typically don’t require you to have any equipment, and many of them are free. Those that do require a subscription often allow you do to a free trial. You may end up liking it so much that you continue it when you get home. 

Find a Local Gym

Many gyms offer day passes or a free trial week. These are great promotions to utilize while you are in a different city. A lot of places offer free classes with the pass or trial, so you can attend those as well. If you’re more into yoga or kickboxing, look for a studio that lets you pay by class. The biggest problem you’ll face is just motivating yourself to actually go if you’re on vacation. The first time is the hardest, but once you’re done, you’ll feel so good that you’ll want to go back the next day. 

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’re on a fitness or weight loss journey, vacation is not the time to slip up. You still need to hold yourself accountable and continue with your plan. You can still enjoy the perks that come with traveling, but try carving out at least a half hour every other day for exercise. Keeping a journal and tracking your activity can be very beneficial. If you’ve been sharing your journey with others, go ahead and post your travel workout on social media to help show others and yourself that being away from home doesn’t have to limit what you can do. 

Plan Ahead

You probably have a general itinerary prepared for your upcoming trip. Before you go, try to look at your schedule and see what would be the best time to go workout each day. Some days you might be too busy and that’s ok. Just factor in exercise when you can, but don’t let it stress you out during your trip. 

Watch Your Plate

While exercise is extremely important, eating right plays an even bigger part in staying healthy. Try not to indulge too much when on vacation. You’ll definitely want to enjoy and treat yourself, but just remember to watch your portions. It’s expected you’ll take in a few extra calories on vacation, and that’s when your exercise plan will really come in handy. 

No matter what your reason for travel is, it’s important that you spend time enjoying being in a different place. Stick to your diet and exercise plan as much as you can, but don’t get too stressed if everything doesn’t go accordingly. You’ll probably end up getting plenty of exercise just walking around and exploring a new city anyways. 


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