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Vietnam Packing List: Essential Packing Tips for Your Trip to Vietnam

06 Apr Vietnam Packing List: Essential Packing Tips for Your Trip to Vietnam

There’s never a bad time to start dreaming about a trip to Southeast Asia. It all starts with choosing a destination.

Vietnam is one of the region’s fastest-growing destinations, boasting billions of dollars in increased tourism since 2017. Are you keen to find out what all the fuss is about?

Half the fun of any trip abroad is in the planning and anticipation. Get the basics out of the way first by planning your Vietnam packing list.

Essentials for Your Vietnam Packing List

Like most foreign destinations, Vietnam has an array of administration-related requirements before the fun can start.

As far as paperwork goes, anyone traveling to Vietnam needs a passport with at least 6 months’ validity and one blank page. Vietnam does not grant visas on arrival, so be sure to apply for yours well in advance.

Go to this website to learn more about where and how to apply for official documents.

Travel insurance including health cover is vital for international travel. Make copies of all your travel documents and get them certified before you leave.

Keep the originals and copies in separate folders make sure you can easily access these important documents when needed.

What to Pack for Vietnam

Thanks to the high humidity in these countries, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing items are essential for travel in Southeast Asia.

These are some guidelines on what you’ll need to include on your packing list for Vietnam:

  • T-shirts or loose-fitting tops
  • An outfit for hiking
  • At least 2 pairs of travel pants
  • A cardigan and rain jacket
  • A sarong or scarf for visiting temples
  • Comfortable shoes like flip flops or trainers
  • Hiking boots nor shoes

Remember to pack your swimsuit and at least 3 pairs of underwear too. Bring one swimming towel and one bath towel.

Personal Items

While you’ll be able to buy most of the toiletries you need when you arrive in Vietnam, you should always bring a small first aid kit along with you.

Any prescription medication should be top of your list of what to pack to go to Vietnam as well as the following basics:

  • Painkillers and medication for upset stomachs
  • Anti-histamines and anti-itch cream for bug bites
  • Eye drops
  • Hand sanitizer and antibiotic ointment

Consult your doctor well in advance about anti-malarial medication and make sure you take bug spray along with you.

Tech and Gadgets You’ll Need in Vietnam

Nowadays most smartphones are great for taking photos but pack a lightweight waterproof camera so you can conserve your battery life.

Don’t forget the necessary chargers and an adapter, or a solar-powered charger. Spare memory cards are essential to store all your fantastic memories.

Headphones and a Kindle make long bus trips easier and more enjoyable.

Be sure to invest in a sturdy waterproof backpack for all your tech gear, it will also come in handy for hiking and walking among Vietnam’s gorgeous landscapes.

Planning Tomorrow’s Travels Today

Now that you’re up to speed with the ultimate Vietnam packing list, you can plan the rest of your trip with confidence.

Our website’s full of all the best travel tips for traveling abroad. Keep browsing for inspiration and information.

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