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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Travel Light and Happy

06 Nov Travel Light and Happy

Ways to Keep Your Sanity on the Go

Whether you travel for business, pleasure, family obligations or all of the above, the process can be a bit hectic. Flights can be delayed, cars can break down and kids can get restless. As much as you enjoy seeing the sights and spending time with loved ones, you may wonder if there is a way to make your trip easier on everyone. Here are a few suggestions to consider that can help you to improve your experience and so that you have more time and energy for making the most of your trip.


Prepare Ahead of Time

If possible, making lists of things that you may need can help you to feel more at ease. Knowing where you are going and when, and being aware of what you may encounter in terms of weather or traffic can be very helpful. You will find that you spend less time looking for things and trying to locate what you need. Also, making arrangements specific to your needs in advance can be useful. Instead of trying to wait until the last minute to get the best deal on your expenses, plot out your accommodations and even your meals as much as possible. This way, you can go straight from the road or the airport and into to that beautiful hotel room, get a delicious meal and relax in the hot tub or pool! 


Keep Your Well Being on the Itinerary

Being away from home is no reason to let your health go. Be sure to eat nutritious foods, set aside plenty of time for rest and stay on any care regimens that you may have established. If you feel like you tend to get rundown, check your supplements. Increasing your intake of essential vitamins like C and E will give you a boost. There are many multis available on the health product market, but looking for one that will give you the biggest bang for your buck while leaving the most space in your luggage will be the best bet. According to many Thrive reviews, you can even increase your energy levels and your metabolism at the same time. Remember that you will want to keep any supplements within reach so that you do not forget to take them. Keeping them in your purse or carryon is recommended.


Carry Only What You Need

It can be difficult to decide what to pack when preparing to be away for any length of time. Trying your best to whittle your bags down to mostly basic essentials will save you back pain, time and money. Weighing yourself down with things that you will most likely never need or even think of will just be too much to keep track of and can put a damper on your desire to have fun. Stick to light clothing and take advantage of the wide variety of travel sized personal care products available to purchase from mass retailers. An added bonus is that – if you are flying – you will save money on luggage fees by having a much lighter load than your fellow travelers. This will allow for more money to spend on local delicacies and souvenirs, if you are so inclined. Even better, put the money saved aside for your next trip!


Fun Without Limits

Seeing new places is incredibly interesting and exciting, and you probably want to see everything all at once, but it can also be somewhat overstimulating. This can sometimes lead to stress instead of joy, so remember that you don’t have to schedule every moment of every day and avoid travel burnout. Allow for free time to explore, getting to know the area and having invigorating adventures. If you are traveling with companions, do things as a group and try to do something that everyone will enjoy. This way, you will strengthen your personal relationships and make memories that will energize your spirit and your body. Take time to stop and smell the roses!


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