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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Top 10 Things To Learn in Vancouver

05 Feb Top 10 Things To Learn in Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver, Canada can be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime and you may decide that you want to stay. It is a major international hub with visitors and students coming in from around the globe to see all that Canada has to offer.


  1. Vancouver Airport Is in Richmond

Richmond, BC is about a half hour from Vancouver and hosts the Vancouver International Airport as well as the International Trade Center developed by Michael Ching. There are many things to do in Richmond, so plan to stay long enough to see everything.


  1. Plenty of Indoor Activities

You can stroll through museums in the area, catch a play or movie and even visit an international Buddhist temple. This is a fun way to spend the many rainy days that the province experiences.


  1. There Is Amazing Wildlife

Canada is known for their wildlife including moose, reindeer and muskrats which you can see with a visit to parks and other outdoor spaces. Be advised, however, that many of the wildlife are bigger in person than you might expect and can be dangerous if pestered.


  1. The Parks Are Gorgeous

Vancouver’s Stanley Park is not only beautiful to walk or ride around in, it is also bigger than New York’s Central Park and sits on a sprawling 1001 acres. You can also visit Suspension Bridge Park to see breathtaking views of the city from the Capilano Suspension Bridge or find many hiking trails and waterfalls to visit.


  1. The History is Fascinating

The history of the city is a fascinating story of a small fishing town burning to the ground and being rebuilt into the masterpiece of international trade that it is now. You can even find the largest collection of tribal totem poles in Suspension Bridge Park, visit an Olympic village and tour historical sites like the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.


  1. Vancouver Has 6 Sister Cities

The Greater Vancouver Regional District has many cities twinned with locations around the world. Vancouver itself has six of them. These cities include Edinburgh in Scotland, Los Angeles in the US, and Yokohama in Japan. Twinned cities share things like information and cultural education to foster better economies for each other and their respective countries.


  1. There Is a Diverse International Population

Vancouver Chinatown is one of the most inviting places you can visit as either a tourist or an artist, but that is not the only diversity that the city offers. There is a large international population with thirty-five percent of residents originating from overseas. You can see influences of the various cultures in art, restaurants and historical locations around the city.


  1. You Can Take Guided Tours

Whether you are strolling through landmarks like Stevenson Fishing Village or learning at the University of British Columbia anthropology museum, you can find guided tours for almost any interest. This can help you get your bearings if you are planning on staying in the area or be a fun-filled afternoon while on vacation.


  1. You Can Spot Whales and Dolphins

Since Vancouver is on the water, there are plenty of beaches to visit and areas to look out over the water. Dolphins and orcas can sometimes be seen from shore, or you could take a boat tour out to spot humpback whales and seals. These tours can take between three and five hours and include education about the animals you spot as well as information on conservation efforts.


  1. It Is the Second Largest Port in North America

The only North American port larger than Vancouver is New York in terms of both size and tonnage. It is also one of the biggest cruise ship ports where you can find special event cruises, fine dining and much more.

You can experience amazing outdoor activities, see a variety of wildlife and tour history when visiting Vancouver for school, work or play. Learning how the city grew from a small town into the second largest port in North America and a diverse international hotspot can broaden your perspective and change your life.

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