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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Top 10 essentials for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic

16 Sep Top 10 essentials for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic

Top 10 essentials for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Travelling might change forever after the coronavirus pandemic. Even if you need to travel now or in the future here are some must-haves for your travels to keep you and others safe for viruses.




Zario Empty Travel Size Bottle and Keychain Holder.

No need to buy new disinfectant all the time when you can refill into these very handy empty bottles! You can place them on your backpack or your jacket.

200PCS Mini Portable Travel Soap Paper Sheets.

Most of us know by now that soap is the best way to wash your hands! These are mini portable soap paper sheets to put in your hand and all you need is water and your hands are clean!


Social Distancing Multi-Tool

Don’t want to touch all those knobs or open all of those doors? This multi-tool will keep your hands free when you can’t wash your hands. Remember this tool needs to be washed as well.



Care Touch Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes 

These hand sanitizing wipes are pretty self-explainable. It is nice to use when your hands are very dirty and disinfectant gel is not enough.


Reusable Sandwich Bags Snack Bags 

I wish I knew about these reusable bags before! Unlike paper or disposable plastic, these snack bags can be washed and reused over and over again, which is beneficial for the environment while saving your wallet.

ShinyCase Disposable Gloves 100pack 

This is handy to have in your luggage if you need to touch a lot of potentially contaminated stuff. Remember, this should not be a replacement for not washing your hands.



PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer


Tired of disinfecting your phone and potentially ruin it? Here is the solution. This UV smartphone sanitizer disinfects your phone in seconds and you do not have to worry about those germs! And even better it charges the phone as well!


Hand Sanitizer Gel 

Still swear by new hand sanitizer gels bottles? Here are 12 small bottles that will last a while. These gels have 75% alcohol which is above the minimum requirement.

SoNeat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers – 50 Sheets

Need to use a public bathroom? No problem, these covers will cover the seats so you don’t have to place your butt on potentially contaminated areas.



Disposable Face Masks Breathable Comfortable 

Face masks are required so many places around the world right now and it is necessary to have enough for your travels. Surgical masks are considered one of the safest options. Remember to wash your hands before and after you take them off. Recommended use is no more than three hours and you use it over your mouth and nose with the blue side facing outwards.

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