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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Tips for Your Trip to Mexico

27 Mar Tips for Your Trip to Mexico

Mexico is an amazing travel destination because of its breathtaking beaches and its awesome people. Here are some ideas about how you can prepare for your trip and make the most of your Mexico vacation.

Bring Extra Sunglasses and Glasses or Contacts

If something happens to your glasses or contacts during your trip to Mexico, you don’t want to be left unable to see. Bring a backup set with you just in case. Stock up on extra contacts from an online retailer such as to make sure that you’ll have enough contacts for your entire trip. If you wear prescription sunglasses, you may want to consider having another pair on hand for your trip. The sun in Mexico is probably a lot more than what you’re used to, and you need to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays.

Bring A Hat

Another great way to help protect your eyes from the sun is to wear a baseball hat or wide brimmed beach hat. This will lessen the chances of the sun burning the surface of your eyes or your eyelids. It will also help to protect the skin on your forehead from harmful UV damage and aging. Wear your hometown team’s hat with pride; Mexico has a much larger following of NFL and MLB than you might imagine.

Be Careful in the Sun

Sometimes when you’re lying on the beach, the sun’s rays feel warm and wonderful, and when you can go in and out of warm water to cool off, you don’t feel like you’re getting too hot. However, it’s very easy to burn your skin in the sun without knowing it. What starts as a little bit of pink can quickly become a scorching red. A sunburn early into your trip can be a terrible bummer. Be proactive about preventing sunburn by limiting your time in the sun and using an umbrella, wearing and reapplying lots of sunscreen, and wearing long sleeved clothing when the midday sun is out. If you do find that you’ve burned, the best way to soothe the sting is a balm or salve and not a lotion. Be sure to stay out of the sun entirely for the next couple of days while your skin heals.

Use the Opportunity to Learn or Practice Some Spanish

Take advantage of your stay in Mexico to freshen up on your Spanish speaking skills. The best way to become more familiar with a second language is to hear how people speak it in everyday life. Unlike the repute of some European nationalities, Mexican people typically tend to appreciate when other cultures make a genuine attempt to speak their language. However, be aware that stringing together a few Spanish sounding words or attempting to make an English word sound Spanish by adding an O at the end is really not cool and won’t be well-received.

Pace Yourself

Mexico’s beach cities like Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are famous for their amazing all-inclusive resorts. When everything that you eat and drink is included in the price of your trip, it can be easy to overdo it. Pace yourself with drinking, especially tequila, a Mexican favorite.

See Something Historic

In addition to beautiful beaches and party venues, Mexico has amazing historical and ecological sites. It’s worth leaving room in your itinerary to explore Mayan or Incan ruins or to embark on a river tour where you can see unique wildlife. Don’t just get the tourist or the beach experience; try to do something authentically Mexican to help make your trip truly memorable.

Leaving prepared, being safe in the sun, and practicing moderation throughout your trip are the best ways to enjoy your Mexico vacation. Seeking out an experience in which you can enjoy Mexico’s culture and history will help create a unique vacation experience that will make you eager to return and see more of Mexico.


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