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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Tips for Going on Your First Cruise

14 May Tips for Going on Your First Cruise

Going on a cruise trip is guaranteed to be the adventure of your life, but before packing up your luggage and heading to the closest airport just yet, you should probably know the best ways to enjoy your first cruise. Additionally, if your next destination is the Amazon River, you will receive plenty of valuable pieces of information!  From its changeable climate to tips on how and when to travel to Amazon, this is your ultimate travel guide!

Did you know that the river Amazon got its name from the legendary Amazon native warriors who attacked a 16th-century expedition led by Francisco de Orellana? Definitely, a great fun fact to tell your fellow travelers while exploring the most wondrous river in the world!

Source: Pixabay

As you know, this ancient and glorious river is either the longest or the second longest river in the world (due to its close competition with the Nile), and the largest by discharge volume of water. Untouched by time, it is the perfect getaway for curious travelers looking for a journey of their lives!

The seasons

Being the longest river in the world, you cannot expect it to have traditionally defined seasons, so you should plan your trip according to what suits you better – the rainy season that usually starts in December and ends in June, or the dry season that begins in June and ends in December.

Both of Amazon’s seasons have its challenges and its amazing perks, so which one will end up being your choice to explore this nature’s wonder? The rainy season often floods the majority of the low-lying forests, which allows many channels to become passable, making this season the perfect choice for you if you are interested exploring the river directly on the water.

On the other hand, dry season allows you to visit the Amazon River just when the mosquitoes’ number goes down, and when the receding water levels reveal a great number of spectacular beaches and trails for hiking.

But whichever season seems to be the better choice for you, and whichever type of experience of exploring this astounding river you decide to go for, there is definitely something for everyone’s taste!

Whether you want to get the taste of native life by staying in community-owned lodges, or you want to feel like a pampered king of the jungle and go for a luxury Amazon River cruise – the river has it all!

You will surely be astonished by the different animal species you will come across – from flesh-eating piranhas you will be able to see from your deck, the mighty crocodiles or amazing and almost surreal pink dolphins, Amazon’s wildlife is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Consider the best options for your favorite means of traveling and exploring

Here are some of the best ways to explore the Amazon River, depending on what kind of a traveler you are, and what type of experience you are looking for!

While you’re visiting the Amazon rainforest, you definitely do not want to miss out on an eco-friendly activity that is canopy touring through the rainforest! You can now glide through the trees via canopy tours or a zip-line, and get in touch with your primal instincts, without disrupting wildlife’s natural habitat.

Source: Pixabay

Also, if you are looking for an enlightening experience while in the Amazon forest, you can sign up for Wildlife Sanctuary volunteer work. Don’t worry, you do not have to be extremely educated on the animals and their needs in the sanctuary, all you have to put into your volunteer work is passion and a positive attitude. If you love wildlife as much as you love volunteering, this is surely one of the best choices out there!

But if you are looking for an adventure, you can also join an expedition cruise while there, and get to see the Amazon in a different light. You would be traveling and exploring via kayaks, small motorized boats, and, of course, on foot. This is also a great way of experiencing and witnessing Amazon’s many indigenous animals and plant species up close. After a day of your wondrous expedition, you would then go back to the main vessel and enjoy some palatable food and drinks, and spend the night relaxing and getting ready for yet another day of your eye-opening expedition.

On the other hand, not everyone enjoys taking long walks through the forest, so you can always visit Amazon on a more lavish note. A luxury Amazon River cruise also allows you to explore the forest with a trained naturalist guide as well, but provides you with a variety of luxurious choices to indulge in at the same time – you can spend your time enjoying soothing massages, taking a dip in a Jacuzzi, spending quality time with your loved ones in one of many deluxe suites, enjoying a widespread of exotic dining choices, or exploring the surroundings on highly equipped observation decks.

If all of this sounds like the getaway of your dreams, make sure to book your Amazon River cruise as soon as possible, because the number of people who have the same idea gets bigger and bigger as we speak. And you definitely want to make sure to choose only the best of the best for yourself and your loved ones!

Visit the Ponta Negra Beach too!

Keeping in mind that your summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without tanning on the beach and enjoying a cocktail or two, if you get the chance, visit the Ponta Negra Beach. Though it is quite far from the soul of the Amazon rainforest, this 12-kilometer (about 7.5 miles) long beach could be the perfect place to wrap up your trip!

As you can see, the Amazon River has more than a few amazing experiences to offer, depending on what type of traveler you are.

But all of these different ways of exploring the Amazon have one thing in common – they allow you to fully experience the traditions, the exotic cuisine, and to witness one of the most beautiful Mother Nature’s wonders in all its glory. And what better place to fall in love with cruises than by exploring this gem?


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