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Tips for Fishing Trips with Your Kids

26 Nov Tips for Fishing Trips with Your Kids

If you are planning on taking your children on a fishing trip, you may be wondering what is important to pack or remember during your expedition. Here are some things to think about before you leave the house. 

Wear Sunscreen

No matter what type of weather you are facing, it is vital that you bring sunscreen to wear for your entire family, especially for your face and neck. When fishing, you are often exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays for longer periods, especially if you are on a boat in the middle of a lake, or in a sunny area near a river. You should bring a special sunscreen for your face that will not damage the skin, but bring one with a higher SPF to spray or rub on your arms, neck, and legs. Be sure to reapply sunscreen every two or three hours if you are going to be in direct sunlight for several hours or the entire day. 

Bring Waterproof Clothing

It is important to wear waterproof gear if you are going to be out fishing all day. This will allow you to stay comfortable and dry even when you are exposed to water for hours at a time. For your children, you can bring kids waders, so that they will be able to go into the water to catch a fish without getting exposed to predators that could bite them or harmful things in the lake or river water. If there is a risk of rain, you should bring rain ponchos or raincoats that will not absorb water, so you and your family will stay dry and warm, and not have to cut your fishing trip short due to weather circumstances. 

Pack Plenty of Snacks

There are many different types of snacks that you can bring on your fishing trip, many of which are nonperishable and delicious options for the whole family. Always bring plenty of water and other liquids, like drinks that contain electrolytes to help stimulate hydration. Other dried snacks that are great for a day out on the water are beef jerky, trail mix, nuts like almonds or cashews, granola or nutrition bars, and dried fruit. These are mostly nutrient dense options that are filling and will not be at risk of going bad if there is not access to a cool environment. For a meal, try bringing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Consider Renting a Boat

Although it may add costs to your trip, sometimes getting a boat is the best way to catch more fish and make the most out of your fishing expedition. If you are lake fishing, usually rentals with either a motor a paddle operating system are available for relatively cheap and can be taken out for the entire day. For fishing at sea, chartering a boat can run a bit more expensive, so it is best to try to get a group together and split the cost if your goal is to fish in the open ocean. Either way, a boat is a unique experience that your family will love. 

Get a Good Cooler

Coolers are beneficial for not only storing snacks that could be perishable and keeping water cool, but they are also used to store fish that have been caught when you are not ready to end the trip yet. You should try to bring a large cooler that is still easy to transport, and has plenty of room for the type of fish you are looking to catch. Pack plenty of ice in your cooler so that it will stay at a lower temperature all day long, and try to avoid opening it except for when you know what you are going to get, so you can keep the ice from melting for as long as possible.

With these tips, you are sure to be able to have a wonderful fishing trip with your family. 


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