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Things to Love About Idaho When Moving or Visiting There

22 Nov Things to Love About Idaho When Moving or Visiting There

There is a reason the state’s nickname is the Gem States, and after you have seen the amazing diversity that Idaho has to offer, you will see why it has earned that title. Although there are still gemstones, silver, and lumber exported from the state, you will also find people visit Idaho to enjoy the many lakes, fish the rivers, and hike the trails hidden in the many national parks concealed within its borders.

Over 60 percent of Idaho’s land is owned by the government, and that makes for some amazing hiking trails into the middle of nowhere. If you don’t love wandering around “where no man has gone before,” why not try the shopping in Teton, skiing in Sun Valley, or watching the water at Shoshone Falls. When you live in Idaho, there is never a moment to be bored. Here are just some of the things to love about Idaho when moving your family there.

1. Idahoan’s Weather Is Extreme

You don’t have to visit another state for any outdoor sport when you live in Idaho. No matter what pastime you love to participate in, you can find it near where you live. There is world class fishing on the hundreds of rivers that wend their way through the countryside, but there is also whitewater rafting to be found on the Salmon and Snake Rivers. Take your mountain climbing skills up onto one of the sheer cliffs, wait for winter and ski down trails that are world renown, or visit the almost extinct Yellowstone volcano. There is never a dull moment in Idaho.

2. Everyone Loves Idaho’s Potatoes

Yes, Idaho produces amazing potatoes that people across the United States love, but there is much more to the agricultural picture than a few spuds. Idaho also grows peas, onions, barley, and plums and is ranked 10th in the nation for its diversity of export products. Natural resources can be found in Idaho in abundance, as well. Look for zinc, silver, lead, opals, topaz, jade, star garnets, tourmaline, and more. That is probably why they call it the gem state.

4. Idaho Is Filled With Big Extended Families

No matter where you live, you probably hear about how friendly the neighbors are, but in Idaho, it is “small town” true, no matter where you live. The people just down the street will notice you when you move in, and don’t be surprised if everyone on the block comes to help unpack, brings in some baked goods, or stops in to find out if your kids are the same age as their kids – because Idaho loves families. Everywhere you turn, there are family restaurants, family zoned theaters, and Idaho health insurance for families. No matter what size your household is, you will find Idahoan’s will welcome you and make you part of their big extended family.

4. You’ll Love the Outdoors in Idaho

You already know there are mountains, lakes, and streams in Idaho. But did you know that some of the most famous tourist spots in the world are tucked neatly into the little gem of a state? Here are just a few of the many outdoor treasures that help make Idaho so unique. How about snowboarding down the mountains of sand at Bruneau sand dunes or camp in the secluded campgrounds. Visit Craters of the Moon and find yourself mesmerized by an ancient volcanic surface unlike anything else on earth. Check out the national parks in Idaho but take your time because they cover more than half of the state. You can also visit the Rocky Mountains, Sawtooth Mountains, or Teton Mountains.

There is so much more to draw to you Idaho, but it would take a book to describe all the amazing features you will grow to love once you move there. From Hells Canyon to Thousand Springs, don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling in love with Idaho and its people.

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