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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Things to Know Before Going to Canada

02 Nov Things to Know Before Going to Canada

There are things you need to know when traveling to Canada. There are a lot of misconceptions about Canada and Canadians, so it is important to know what the real deal is with regards to these aspects in Canada before going there.

Country Size

Canada is a huge country. It is so huge that if you were to go from St John’s Newfoundland to Vancouver by a plane, it would take you eight hours and 55 minutes. If you want to go by a crossover SUV, you have to drive all 7000+ kilometers and it’ll take you 77 hours in one shot to go there. So if you plan on traveling to Canada, don’t think you can go to Toronto and then go to Calgary for an afternoon and come back. This is not like a lot of other European countries or the situation in Southeast Asia. Plan out your trip ahead of time. You can visit multiple cities, but do know it takes a long time.

Capital City

The next thing you need to know is that Toronto is not the capital of Canada. A lot of people think that because it’s Canada’s largest city and there are a lot of things going on there, then that is the capital. That is not the case, and a lot of maps actually misrepresent this. So if you want to go to the capital region of Canada, you have to go to Ottawa. That is only a few hours north-east of Toronto. There’s a lot to do in Ottawa but Toronto is the biggest city.

Maple Syrup

If you want to bring maple syrup out of the country, you do need to declare on your customs form when you enter your country of origin. It is a food, and some places it is banned or it is regulated. So do make sure that you check your own custom laws before bringing maple syrup home. And another thing is that maple syrup, oftentimes, is not allowed on an aircraft. Pack it in your check-in luggage to make sure that you’re not going to have your maple syrup confiscated. 


Canada is not always cold. If you’re looking to go to Canada because you want to see a winter wonderland, you will still have to come during the winter months. There are a lot of areas in Canada that have varying temperatures because it is such a large country. As an example, Vancouver rarely gets to be in freezing levels. You will see snow in the mountains or on an unusually cold day, but in terms of averages, the temperature rarely falls below four degrees centigrade in Vancouver. So it doesn’t get that cold when compared to other places in the country. 


If you want a true version fries, then Canada is one of those places you can get it. It’s become one of those things which people like to have across the globe. People from many parts have different flavors and their own culinary twists. We even have high-end restaurants in New York City offering gourmet fries. But regardless, if you want the best, the greasiest type of fries that you could ever have, you got to head into the Montreal area. Heading over to the suburbs and grab fries at a local hockey arena. 

So you just go to the neighborhood, and there are signs that indicate where the nearest arena is. Follow those and you’ll get to an arena. It’s best to go after supper, because that’s when all the minor league hockey teams are playing. And then from there, that’s when the little restaurants or chips stands in the arena are open. Go grab a packet of fries then thank yourself as you watch some minor league hockey play. It’s quite an experience to be had. 

Canada is a wonderful place to move to. Make your next visit there memorable with these tips.

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