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Things to Know About New Jersey

10 Jan Things to Know About New Jersey


Some states are not as well known as others in America. Famous people, sport’s teams, and attractions tend to draw outsiders’ attention to their location. New Jersey is a state that has little to no famous occurrences in it. If someone is looking to move within its state’s lines, it can be rather intimidating since they know nothing about the place. Sometimes these moves are decided by a personal choice or a work-related decision. Whatever it is that brings you to New Jersey, here are five things to know about the state.

Interesting Driving

It is an interesting fact to learn that rarely will you take an automatic left turn at an intersection in New Jersey. It’s not that you are only allowed to drive to the right; it’s because there is a certain type of ramp, known as a jug-handle, which will help loop you around so that you can go left. These can be tricky to learn, but constant practice and use will make you a pro in no time. Jersey drivers can often be scary and intimidating, but after some time you will become accustomed to their style of driving. A bonus for drivers in this state is that they do not pump their own gas. By law, every gas station is required to be a full-service location.          

Expensive Living

New Jersey has some of the highest tax rates in America. In fact, its property taxes are so high that many look to rent while living there instead of buying. Those who are leasing apartments and homes are aware of this sentiment and use the opportunity to drive up prices on rentals. For those who do own a home, many have started incorporating different ways they can help keep their bills down. New Jersey solar power systems are an example of how these homeowners are learning new ways to save money. 

Dynamic Sections

Although it would be in the same state, there is a difference between living in North Jersey and South Jersey. North Jersey promotes more of an urban style front, with higher prices and pretentious people, while staying in the south tends to be more laid back and welcoming to all. The southern part of the state consists of the eastern shore, causing it to attract tourists and others who are looking for a beach styled getaway. Retail and economic expansions are the driving force behind those who live in the north. Even the simplest of things, like your professional sports team affiliation, will differ depending on what part of the state you live in.

Food Everywhere

New Jersey is home to some of the best restaurants in America. The state has hundreds of diner locations that serve almost any meal you know to exist. These local places also tend to be open late into the night, making them great spots for late-night workers who could use a bite to eat. Mom and pop style eateries can also be found throughout the different cities due to the variety of cultures established there. Pizza, sub, and bagel shops are the common ones located throughout the state. Once you try some of these small-town venues, your outlook on certain food cuisines will never be the same.

State Pride

No matter which part of the state they live in, true residents will always be proud to call New Jersey their home. They may speak poorly of their state or complain about things they don’t like in it, but if you are an outsider, it’s best to remain silent and let the locals speak. They will defend their state at all costs and are quick to offer you the reasons why it is the best. Don’t be tricked into thinking they say things to make their state look better; they truly believe what they say and love the state they live in.

Whether you choose to live there or are required to live there, New Jersey has some situations you should make yourself familiar with. Don’t be afraid to learn new things about a new place.

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