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Travel Blogger from Norway
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The Ultimate Guide to Exploring European Rivers

18 Aug The Ultimate Guide to Exploring European Rivers

You’re looking to explore European rivers? Start here first.

In Europe, there are hundreds of rivers and tributaries across the continent. With so much water to explore, it can be challenging to decide where is the best place to spend your time.

For travelers looking for the best, check out this ultimate guide to exploring European rivers.

Read on to learn more.

Check Out European River Cruises

Most river cruises only carry a few hundred passengers so, it’s important to find the ones you’re interested in and book them early on.

One of the most popular river sightseeing cruises out there is the Viking River Cruises. Infamous for their stunning verandas for outdoor dining and impressive large suites, this is one of the most stylish river cruises in Europe.

Arguably their best experience is the “Portugal’s River of Gold” river cruise. It gives guests the opportunity to experience traditional Portugal and appreciate the history that continues to influence society today.

The Uniworld River Cruises are also an excellent way to explore the rivers of Europe. This high-class river tour provides in-suite butler services, award-winning foods and drink, and unforgettable spas.

Consider the “Enchanting Danube” for the best way to experience Italy with class. You’ll explore castles, traditional towns, and local vineyards as well as walk down the famous streets and canals.

Don’t miss Avalon Waterways for a chance of visiting European rivers more leisurely. Try their “Burgundy and Provence” river cruise to experience the best that France has to offer.

Check out this guide to river cruises in Europe for more information.

The Best Activities to Try

Regardless of which travel company you choose, there are certain activities you won’t want to miss. Immerse yourself in the local culture through cultural curriculum courses offered on most river cruises.

You’ll learn about the history, society, and culture of the location you’re sailing through multimedia presentations. Be sure to check out the on-board libraries to further discover information on your journey.

Be sure to wake up at a decent hour to enjoy the on-board brunch sporting local cuisines. Remember to ask the chef which foods they recommend to try once you dock.

Most river cruises offer complimentary workout and yoga classes. Some of the wellness classes are even taught on the rooftop deck of the riverboat.

Remember to try your hand at painting and wine night. Learn about local arts and crafts and then try it for yourself.

Always ask the river cruise staff about the excursions they recommend once at port!

European Rivers Exploration

Be sure to find out the best ways to explore European rivers on your next trip and keep this guide close by in order to know all about cruises, walking trips, and more.

What are you waiting for? Your European river exploration awaits!

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