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The many wonders of traveling in Australia

17 Jul The many wonders of traveling in Australia


It may take up to six months to explore the many wonders of Australia. With a territory of 5 million square miles, Australia ranks the 6th largest country on Earth with the lowest population density. It takes about 6 hours to fly from Brisbane on the east coast to Perth on the west coast.

The rock domes at Kata Tjuta

The sunsets at Uluru are spectacular. It is famous for its paintings of the rock in blazing red. An exhilarating panorama view of Uluru around sunset, will show its distinctive red coloration at dusk and the glow will be remembered for a lifetime.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

One of the mosts unique animals in Australia is the Koala bear. The Koalas are found on the coastal areas of the mainland’s eastern and southern regions. They inhabit Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. In Brisbane, you may spot koalas in the wild, perched in a gum tree. The koala sanctuary is a best location to get a closeup view located at Lone Pine, on the outskirts of Brisbane. The sanctuary has about 130 koalas.

The mounds of Bungle Bungles

The mounds of Bungle Bungles is a well-known desert. This desert can be found in East Kimberley. The Bungle Bungles displays a serene landscape of orange-and-black rounded hills that are group together in a honeycomb fashion, similar to a beehive, that spans the desert of the Kimberley. A scenic aerial flight, is probably the only way to grasp the enormity of this geologic wonder.

Twelve Apostles, Shipwreck Coast

Located in Victoria, Australia, The Twelve Apostles Shipwreck Coast stretches from to Cape Otway to Port Fairy. It is famous for the golden rock stacks that fringe the Victoria’s limestone coast which is the best view from ground level. From above, the jagged edges resemble a jigsaw puzzle with breakaway pieces.

Adelaide Central Market

A place filled with every kind of food and merchandise you can imagine. Local merchants and vendors supply bargains on everything from a wide variety of bread and aged cheeses. Established in 1869, the Adelaide Central Market is a thriving hub of cuisine and multi-culture with over 70 traders under one roof. 

Botanic Gardens of South Australia

The Australian National Botanic Gardens are one of the greatest places to visit in Australia. This garden holds many native plants that can be found in Australia. This garden holds exotic local flowers, attracting a variety of insects. Australia is known for a lot of huge insects. One is the House Spider that you will see roaming inside and outside houses. These insects are fascinating and all over the place.

The attraction of Brisbane & The Story Bridge

The city of Brisbane instantly expresses a welcoming solitude of easy-going outdoors. A walk along the city’s breathtaking skyline from the struts of the Story Bridge.  The climb opens a sensational experience like no other. It will give you a dynamic perspective of the city and its surrounds from the Glass House Mountains in the north to Moreton Bay. Opening in July of 1940, The Story Bridge has a length of length of 2,549 feet and reaches 243 feet in height. It’s the main Brisbane attraction and is one of only 3 bridge climbs in the world. ( 

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast QLD

One of the places you can visit in Australia is Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. This resort holds a lot of international surfing competitions.

Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Island, QLD

Whitehaven Beach flirts a gorgeous swirl of white silica sand with turquoise water. and is perfect for taking photos.   

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