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The Best Ways to Eat Nutritiously When You’re Traveling

05 Mar The Best Ways to Eat Nutritiously When You’re Traveling

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Taking trips, visiting family, or going on vacations means taking a dramatic break from your regular eating options and routines. People like to make trips extra special by enjoying as much great food as possible and sampling local cuisines and regional offerings that aren’t available back at home. Vacation adventures can sometimes negatively affect how nutritiously travelers eat. 

Whether it’s making poor choices for bad stuff or simply overindulging in a lot of good stuff, people tend to give themselves permission to take a break from eating nutritiously when they’re traveling. However, eating poorly can cause you to feel more sluggish and tired throughout your trip and leave you more susceptible to catching airplane germs when you’re heading home. Here are some ideas about how you can make an effort to eat and drink nutritiously when you’re traveling.

Compromise Your Menu Choices

Being conscientious about nutrition starts with sensible meal choices. You can readily identify the fattiest and least nutritional foods on a menu. Steer clear of those options altogether. Surely you can find something you want besides the worst thing on the menu. Try to find a middle ground option. 

Consider a choice that may not be the healthiest, but it’s just what you feel like having or it’s something that you’ve been especially looking forward to on a trip someplace. Those are the compromise picks that you should go for. If you choose an especially healthy choice for one meal, you’ve earned bonus credit towards a slightly less healthy menu item that calls your appetite when you sit down to another meal.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re busy and on the go traveling but staying hydrated will help deter you from overeating. Water should be your number one pick for quenching your thirst instead of sugary sodas or juices. When you first wake up in the morning, drinking at least 8 hours of water will help you feel recharged and ready to take on a day of travel. Throughout your day, keeping water with you and drinking every hour will help you feel satiated and full.

Include Lots of Fiber

Remember to incorporate as much fiber as you can into your vacation meal plan. Snacks and lunches that include vegetables, dark fruits, nuts, and whole grain will help boost your fiber intake. You may also want to consider bringing a fiber supplement to help you stay regular when your schedule is thrown off balance during travel.

Don’t Consume Too Much Alcohol

Overindulging in alcohol is a common nutritional pitfall during travel. Drinking throughout the day and night can prevent your body from processing the nutritional elements of the healthy stuff that you’ve eaten. It will create a huge stretch on your daily caloric intake, and it can leave you feeling sick or tired. This is bad during the vacation time that you’ve been waiting to enjoy.

Beware of the All-Inclusive Challenge

Sometimes staying at an all-inclusive resort where food and drink is included seems like a genuine challenge to see just how much you can eat and drink every day. Don’t fall into this trap; take advantage of the awesome variety available to you but use moderation with your choices. At buffets, steer towards filling your plates with the healthy staples like vegetables, rice, beans, seafood, and lean meats.

When you’re traveling, the foundation to maintaining good nutrition is moderation. The rest of what you need to do is built on making the same concerted effort that you make at home. Snacking right, choosing healthy staples, and using portion control with your menu choices will promote the right level of nutritional balance during travel. You definitely deserve to have some great meals when you’re on vacation. In fact, eating richly may be a key item on your trip’s itinerary. As you’re eating the foods that you love, keep an eye towards nutritional content. Practicing moderation and mindful eating habits is a good idea.

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