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Travel Blogger from Norway
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The Best Way to Travel While You’re Young and Broke

09 Jun The Best Way to Travel While You’re Young and Broke

Many of us get the urge to travel and explore our beautiful planet. However, when we are young it often seems impossible. The cost of airfare is normally astronomical, lodging is too costly, and food is a necessity we just can not go without. If these are issues you consider every time you feel that travel bug arise I have great news for you. It is possible to find yourself in an exotic location, a vast jungle, or even in the beautiful mountains of a land foreign to you.


If you desire to travel and just can not manage the funds it is time to consider an organization such as global citizen. There are many other organizations that help individuals find families that will allow them to work in exchange for shelter, food, and cultural education. The purpose of these organizations is to help educate and take action in regards to the world’s biggest challenges. Although it is affordable to travel when you sign up with any of these organizations; it is not a necessity to fund your trip.


With so many countries to explore now you only have to ask yourself where it is you wish to explore. Here are a few countries that are not only affordable, but a must see while you are still in your youth. At first they may not seem safe, and many of your friends and family will probably tell you that you are crazy. However, this is not always the case. It is a gift to have the courage to explore and travel, but please do this wisely. After all, only you can keep yourself safe no matter where you choose to roam.


So first on our list of affordable and beautiful travel destinations is South America. I actually spent a year traveling with my spouse and 2 children for less than $1,000 a month. The monetary exchange was so much in our favor we were millionaires at one point. A great place to start is Lima, which is the capital of Peru. We did not opt to go to the high traffic tourist areas, but rather we chose to visit the small towns inhabited by the locals. They were all very welcoming and helpful during our travels. There is so much to choose from when you visit it is hard to decide where to start. It is best to decide if you are looking for a cultural experience, a jungle exploration, or simply catch some sun on the beach.


If you decide you are looking for a different sort of excursion you can always consider a place such as Maasai Mara, Kenya. This adventure offers a totally different atmosphere. You will find yourself in awe of the animals that roam the savanna, and with so many volunteer options available it is very affordable for any young traveler. You can return home with a better view and understanding of a different way of life, as well as memories that will last you a lifetime.


It is always important to have a travel buddy. When you travel with another person or a group you are more capable of ensuring you will return home safely. It is also important to make sure you do your due diligence before you decide to pick up and whisk yourself away to another country or state. Make sure you tell at least one of your friends and family you are leaving and when you plan to return.


Just remember to learn the basics of the native language, and travel with a trusted guide if necessary. Although, If you wish to save greatly on your trip it is best to join an organization that will assist in finding a suitable family or group that will take you in. The only thing you will need to do to earn your keep during your stay is help your hosts with their daily needs. Now all you have left to do is find your dream destination and prepare yourself for the greatest time of your youthful years.

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