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The Best Oklahoma Attractions: The Coolest Things to See & Do in Oklahoma

08 Nov The Best Oklahoma Attractions: The Coolest Things to See & Do in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a well-known city around the world but not everyone knows just how many attractions can be found there. Whether you’re visiting the area on vacation or you’ve just moved there and you want to see the sights, Oklahoma attractions shouldn’t be missed.

So, what are some of the must-see sites around Oklahoma? Take a look at this list of places to visit.

Route 66

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Route 66. The iconic stretch of road runs from Chicago to LA but cuts through Oklahoma. For anyone who enjoys a road trip, Route 66 is a must.

Along with plenty of classic-looking filling stations, there are also plenty of restaurants (like 50’s American diners) and activities along the way. For example, why not stop off at the Route 66 museum in Clinton to learn a bit about the road’s history?

Oklahoma City Zoo

If you’re traveling with kids, Oklahoma City Zoo is a great attraction. With a fantastic 500 species of animals that have come through the zoo doors, you won’t want for much when you make a trip to this zoo.

You’ll experience everything from the African jungle to the tropical rainforests. You can stop off to watch the giraffes being fed or touch a stingray as you make your way through each section of the zoo.

Escape Rooms

Have you ever tried your hand at an escape room? The aim of the game is for you to gather clues and figure out how to escape the room. There are different themes to choose from and each game is played in a team.

It’s a great game for all the family and it can even be used as an ice-breaker or team-building exercise if you’re on the road with colleagues. Just be sure to call ahead and book a slot to avoid disappointment.

Cherokee Heritage Center

If you’d like to learn more about Native American history, the Cherokee Heritage Center gives some great insight. You’ll be able to see exhibits that stretch back as far as 1710 and give you an idea of how Cherokee life would have been.

There are two sites that are worth visiting. One of which is in Park Hill, Oklahoma and the other on the southeast side of Tulsa.

National Weather Center

If there are any budding scientists on your trip, a visit to the National Weather Center can be truly fascinating. Oklahoma is a city that has some of the worst weather conditions in the US.

The National Weather Center has been set up to predict severe weather in order to put out warnings. You can visit the Storm Prediction Center, along with the School of Meteorology.

The Top Oklahoma Attractions

There are many sights, including a number of museums, to see while you’re in Oklahoma. It’s difficult to narrow down the top Oklahoma attractions for visitors.

Take a look at some more attractions you shouldn’t miss out on when traveling through the US.


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