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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Where to Eat the Best Breakfast in Barcelona

A record-breaking eight million tourists stayed in Barcelona in 2018. Of course, with all the interesting architecture, amazing shopping, and delicious food, it’s easy to see why visitors are drawn here. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Spain, you may have your heart set on...

How To See Madrid If You Only Got A Few Hours
How To See Madrid If You Only Got A Few Hours

On my way from Ecuador to Norway, I had a long layover in Madrid. I decided to take the opportunity to see a little bit of Madrid. I have a friend living there and planning a short itinerary with her in advance. Here is a...

Have you experienced Spain in Dubai yet?

Often enough when one lives away from home, feeling homesick is an emotion that refuses to leave even the strong hearted alone. But when in Dubai, this land chooses to do things a little differently. Heralded as the most inclusive and diverse Emirate and home...

The Best City Breaks in Europe

[caption id="attachment_21917" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Travelling to a foreign city can be refreshing [/caption] You might be someone who already lives in a city and if so, you might think that going abroad on holiday involves visiting paradisiac beaches, rural spaces and exotic places. A new trend that...

Top 10 Activities in Barcelona!

By Brendan Burns Introduction I lived in Barcelona for a semester of university and had an incredible time! Dating back to medieval times, there is so much rich history and also modern architecture. Barcelona is home to the works of the famous Antonio Gaudi, the amazing Boqueria...