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Tips for Spending the Perfect Midwestern Summer

Your friends on the West Coast may wonder why you choose to live in the Midwest during the winter when most of the region is buried under inches or feet of snow. However, once the snow melts and the weather warms up in the summer,...

How To Make the Most of a Vacation to St. George, Utah 

St. George, Utah is located on the southwest border of the state, which is near the junction of Nevada and Arizona. Its convenient location coupled with breathtaking natural scenery and a wealth of attractions makes it a popular tourist destination. The most enjoyable vacations, however,...

Top 10 Things To Learn in Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver, Canada can be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime and you may decide that you want to stay. It is a major international hub with visitors and students coming in from around the globe to see all that Canada has...

Must-See Sights in Seattle

If you're going to visit the Pacific Northwest, no trip is complete without a stop in the Emerald City itself: Seattle, Washington. A hub for all things caffeinated, quirky and green, Seattle is a city unlike any other and will ensure you have a visit...

Way up North – Places to Explore in Alaska

Winter is finally here, and there is no better place to plan your well-deserved winter escapade than the great north. Mind you, Alaska is magnificent just about any time of the year, with plenty of adventure and exploration opportunities for tourists and travellers alike. However, winter...