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11 Amazing Places to See and Things to Do in Cuba

There are so many things to do in Cuba. It's a country with an amazing history and beautiful landscapes. It can be hard to choose what to do with your limited time! Here are the top eleven things you should see and do in Cuba. 1. Explore...

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Cuba
Top 10 Instagram Spots In Cuba

An instagrammable destination has become more important for many when you choose travel destinations, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. Colourful and beautiful photos get lots of attention on Instagram. And no place is more interesting to take photos than Cuba. Cuba is fascinating, it is...

21 Things You Have To Do In Havana, Cuba
21 Things You Have To Do In Havana, Cuba

Cuba has become a popular destination for many the last couple of years. If you have limited time make sure to do my favourite 21 Things You Have To Do In Havana, Cuba. Even though Havana experienced devastation after Hurricane Irma doesn't mean it is not possible...

Why You Have To Visit Viñales On Your Trip To Cuba
Why You Have To Visit Viñales On Your Trip To Cuba

Viñales is a great escape from the busy cities in Cuba such as Havana. The valley is perfect for horse riding and checking out the tobacco farms. Viñales is also great for biking to the very interesting Mural de PreHistoria. If you are staying in Cuba...

Trinidad - A Must-Visit In Cuba
Trinidad – A Must-Visit In Cuba

  Trinidad in Cuba is one of those places you wouldn't believe existed. It is so different and unique and it really feels like you are in the 1850s. With horse transportations and bakers selling their bread from street to street and of course the iconic...

Cuba packing list
What to pack for Cuba – For female travelers

Packing and preparing for a trip to Cuba can be challenging. One thing is for sure that it will be hot and humid, however, it can rain a lot as well. Be aware that you won't find a shopping centre with a lot of different...