Why I started blogging
Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Why I started blogging

26 Oct Why I started blogging


I have always wanted to blog and have had a couple of blogs before this one. The first one was a photography website/blog I wrote when I first moved to Australia. It was fun the first couple of months, but after getting used to the life in Australia I wrote less and less. I then decided to start a photography website which worked well for 3 years until November last year when it got hacked and I was unable to get the domain back.

I planned to set up a photography website and keep that running. Something that made me think was when I started to read about blogging on Pinterest. I absolutely love Pinterest in terms of planning your travels, blogging, writing etc. With today’s plentiful online resources and their ease of access, you’ll find it easier to start a blog and be able to share various experiences and just about anything you can think of to the online community.”


One of my friends told me about Travelicious and that they pay you $40 to write a travel story. I did that and what I didn’t know was that they also help you to set up your wordpress.org blog step-by-step. I have used wordpress.org before so it wasn’t totally new for me. The first blog I started was when I was 16 and it wasn’t through wordpress.org or Squarespace, those platforms let you have an own domain and you can eventually monetize your blog. I am lucky to be with a man that is a professional Interaction Designer where he helped me to set up and design the whole blog!

After living in Ecuador for almost two years I have had a lot of time on my hands to write and figure what I really want to do. I work a little bit as an English Teacher on the side, but it is not easy to get a full-time job that is fairly good paid in Ecuador at the moment.

I mean, I have been offered a teaching job that pays $2 an hour!!

or I would have to travel for 2 hours to work! That is something I would not let myself into! Even though, I travel back to Norway every summer and work for around 3 months to save up to live in Ecuador for a year. It works well, but what should I do with all that spare time?

When I started this blog I really thought to myself that I can actually do this! Using my journalistic skills from University to write about what I want. I decided to focus on travelling and expat life. I have decided to post a new post every Friday and every Wednesday if I have time. I have blogged for a month now and I am overwhelmed with the feedback I have got. Reaching a goal of 1000 page views in one month and getting one guest post done.


Now what?

My plan now is to still learn more about blogging I will do that by reading, reading and reading! I am planning to join The Elite Blog Academy when they open up the enrollment. It is a training program to learn everything to become a pro-blogger and hopefully blog full-time.

My goal for November:

Write at least 5 quality blog posts

Engage in at least 3 social media platforms every day

Start a mailing list

2000 page views


My dream

You might giggle while you read this. However, my ultimate dream is to live by this blog, travel and take photos. I have tried many things and I know I am not suited for the typical 9-5 job, where everything is the same every day. For some people that might work, and who knows maybe I will go back to that life in the future.


Do you blog? How is your blogging business going?


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