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Stand Out From the Rest: How to Find Your Unique Photography Style

10 Jul Stand Out From the Rest: How to Find Your Unique Photography Style

Did you know that 657 billion photos are uploaded online every year? That comes out to about 1.8 billion per day.

Access to cameras, phones with cameras, and easy access to the internet allow everyone to become the photographer they’ve always dreamed of being. There are, however, many skills you have to learn first.

Finding your own personal photography style might seem difficult if you’re still pretty new to the art but following this guide can help you do it. You want to stand out and bring something new to the table as a photographer. Keep reading to find out how.

Take Photographs Everyday

The best way to get better at something is to practice. Having a phone with a camera, if you don’t have a more professional camera just yet, gives you the ability to practice your photography daily.

The more photos you take, the more you’ll start to see your style develop. You’ll become a better photographer as time goes on and you’ll begin to see the types of subjects you like to photograph along with the techniques that work best for you.

One way to commit to taking pictures every day is to start some kind of creative project. This will give you the structure you need to keep up with your photography and will challenge you as well. Think of a theme you can focus on each week and try capturing pictures based on it.

Find Your Inspirations

The best photography style comes from photographing what inspires you most. Your creativity can create beautiful art when you’re inspired by what’s in front of you.

Think about the artists and photographers that you’re drawn to the most. What kind of pictures tug at your heartstrings? Maybe you’re inspired by your childhood photo albums or love spending time on the beach and enjoy taking photographs there.

When you find what inspires you, your photography style will begin to emerge.

Don’t Mimic Other Photographers

While it’s completely fine to find inspiration in other photographers and their work, it’s never ok to just try to mimic their style. You’ll never truly develop your artistry if you’re only trying to become like another artist.

Don’t focus so much elsewhere that you ignore the inspiration all around you. What makes your life, the people in it, your hometown unique?

Trying to capture what someone else is already doing will never let you stand out, try to be bold, and try something different. Taking an element of another artist’s photos, like the way they play with lighting, and using it to capture something different in your photos is how you’ll create art in your voice.

Don’t look through the photographers you follow on social media and try taking similar pictures because you think they’re the most popular. Take pictures of what you want to and you’ll see your photography style begin to develop.

Experiment With Genre

There are so many different photography styles to explore and find inspiration in. You might find that you gravitate toward one specifically or that you like to dip your toe into a couple of different styles. It’s a good idea to experiment with different genres and styles of photography to help you develop your style.

You can try some portrait photography and focus on capturing the essence of a person in a photo. Maybe you want to give abstract photography a go and challenge yourself to find the artistry in places you’d never think to look. You can also try street style photography to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy.

Black and white photography is one style that’s challenging but also incredibly rewarding. You can play with light and composition differently than in color photography. Try following some of these black and white photography tips to produce some great work.

Playing around with these different styles can teach you a lot about photography and will ultimately help sharpen your skills.

Develop Some Editing Skills

Taking photographs is the first step in polishing your skills as a photographer but the next step is to practice editing your photos. There are a couple of different programs you can play with including Photoshop and Lightroom. It’s okay to go into these editing programs with no knowledge and learn as you go.

You don’t have to get too intense and make your photos look unnatural but retouch some things here and there, play with contrast, and color and see what you like about the editing process. Look at some of your favorite photographers to see if you can pinpoint some of their editing techniques.

Ask for Feedback

The best way to improve your skills in any area is to ask for some constructive criticism. While it’s great to get some opinions from other photographers, you can also ask friends and family about your photos.

Different people offer different perspectives and they might see styles in your pictures that you hadn’t noticed. This is a great way to develop your style of photography.

Use Basic Equipment

When you’re first starting as a photographer, simplicity is key. You don’t want to get overwhelmed by all of the technical aspects of the art and by the complicated equipment.

Take advantage of the resources you currently have, creativity can come from the simplest of places. Once you’ve developed a more clear image of your style, you can invest in more professional equipment.

Are You Ready to Find Your Photography Style?

Developing your photography style might seem difficult but if you follow these tips you’ll be a pro in no time!

Make sure you check out some of my other blogs to learn more about photography tips and tricks.

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