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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Set Up Your Party Bus According To Your Budget

05 Jun Set Up Your Party Bus According To Your Budget

Planning the party of the year? Learn how to organize and land a great chartered bus deal with our top tips on setting up a party bus rental in Toronto based on your budget.

The party of the year is coming up and guess what: you’re in charge of the travel arrangements. Your initial feelings may be of concern. Where do you start with planning? Which type of vehicle do you choose? Most importantly — how much does a party bus rental cost in Toronto?

While rates differ by company, several key factors affect the price of booking a party bus for an event. Once you’ve checked and finalized these details, organizing the cost of coach transport doesn’t have to be a complicated feat.

Whether you’re planning to travel for a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, leaving do, corporate event, Christmas party, or sports outing, we’re here to help you learn which factors influence party bus hire prices and how to land a great value trip.

Distance and Duration

The most important factors that will impact the cost of a party bus are how long and how far you’ll be travelling as coaches are hired by the hour, day or mileage.

When making a booking, be sure to have your pickup spot, drop off location and travel times ready. If you’re planning a trip that spans over a couple of days, it’s likely you’ll be charged a daily rate rather than by the kilometre.

We understand that travel itineraries can change last minute — especially when there’s a party and new ideas flourish among friends! However, remember that while many drivers are willing to take unplanned detours, you may be charged for extra mileage outside the original itinerary.

Time of the Year

Like with many sales, party bus rates fluctuate depending on the season. For example, there’s a high demand for coaches in early summer before school finishes. The most expensive months tend to be May, June and July due to end-of-the-year school trips, graduations and proms and formal parties. Likewise, during the holiday season rates skyrocket, due to an influx of Christmas parties and corporate events.

Try booking during quieter seasons if party plans permit. The months of January, February and August are cheaper due to colder weather and it is the end of the summer.

Remember that whichever month you book, it’s best to book your bus between three to six months in advance to get the best deal. Plus, having it organized early will take a massive weight off your shoulders!

Bus Type

Image by bernswaelz from Pixabay

You get the most value out of your party bus hire when as many seats are filled as possible in a vehicle. The more passengers on the bus, the less it costs per person.

If your group has less than 35 passengers, a minibus may be a better value option than a big coach with lots of empty seats. Plus, the atmosphere will be a lot more fun in a full vehicle with people sitting next to one another!

However, keep in mind that minibuses usually suit shorter trips, as they don’t contain onboard toilets and have fewer storage compartments.

The standard of the bus will also influence the price. For example, a luxury option will cost a lot more than a budget choice. If you’re unsure which bus suits your party best, have a chat with your representative for advice.

Travel Charges Along Route

Many forget that some routes face toll roads, parking permits, and other additional transport fees increase costs. While most party bus companies include these fees in their quotes, some don’t so it’s always best to check beforehand.

Always remember to check with your accommodation ahead of your party to confirm parking spots available for your transport, and to establish if there are any additional charges.

Driver Fees

Canadian commercial vehicle driver regulations require that drivers operate vehicles for a maximum of 13 hours in a day. If your trip requires more than 13 consecutive hours of driving, an additional driver will be needed. This will increase the cost by a fair amount, but remember it’s always safer to travel with well-rested drivers!

For longer trips, party bus hire services will require you to book and pay for your driver’s overnight stay in a hotel. If you’re lucky, your hotel may provide a discounted or complimentary room for drivers, especially if it’s a big booking. It’s always worth an ask!

Tips aren’t included in quotes, but it’s polite to thank your driver for their efforts with a gratuity of between 10-20% of the total price.

Booking Your Party Bus

Armed with the relevant booking details and relevant questions for your bus charter representative, you’re on your way to booking your transport with ease! Make sure your itinerary is as detailed as possible when making your booking and collect a variety of quotes from different services so you can shop around and grab a great value bus rental in Toronto.

Most importantly – enjoy the party!

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