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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Roadtripping Through Australia: Must-See Destinations

12 Mar Roadtripping Through Australia: Must-See Destinations


For all the people who care more about the journey than the destination itself, road trips are the best vacations. It is simply the best way to see what a country has to offer, not just the tourist attraction you can find in the guides. Some of the advantages over other transportation methods are playing your favourite music, being surrounded by people you choose and making stops whenever you want. In a way, it represents an ultimate freedom in travelling, due to the nature of travel’s flexibility. Another important factor is saving money by splitting the costs. If the map you are looking at is of Australia, some places you just can’t skip! On the list are numerous national parks, turquoise beaches, small islands and stunning major cities, the choice is all yours.

Prep work

Of course, a vacation should be as adventurous and spontaneous as possible, but you know the saying – better safe than sorry! Planning a road trip is exciting, but you shouldn’t neglect being prepared for any inconvenience on the road.  Several factors are simply not to be overlooked. First, decide about the length of the trip and check the weather conditions so you can plan around it. Check your vehicle, bring a spare tire, a spare key and a first aid kit! What would make a trip even better is getting your car spruced up. If you’re already on the road, you can always get some mobile car detailing and cleaning and keep your car in pristine condition. Unless there are several drivers and you want to spend most of the time in the car, calculate the distance and book a room for an overnight rest. Travelling long distances means you can’t only bring snacks, you need to prep some car-friendly food and drinks. If you have a mini cooler, it will surely help.

Destination: Sydney

The largest city in Australia should be a must on your list. Great weather all year round means you can enjoy the amazing outdoor activities Australia has to offer whenever you visit. A masterpiece of architecture located in the harbour, the Sidney Opera House, offers not only wonderful view, but an impressive programme all year long. The beaches and botanic gardens you can see in Sidney are breath-taking, and you can find museums and art galleries are aplenty. For animal lovers, another recommended location is Taronga Zoo. Being in a large city is also an opportunity to take proper care of your car.

Destination: Great Ocean Road

This iconic southern coast is simply perfect for a road trip, and begins just an hour from Melbourne (so you can even add the second largest city on your list). World famous 12 Apostles towering in the ocean is just one of many stops on this road. The sheer cliffs of two unconnected stone pillars, the Loch Ard Gorge are another scenic location with a story behind the name.  With numerous places worth stopping on the way, the end destination is Warrnambool, a grand whale watching area.

Destination: Kakadu National Park

This national treasure of Australia can provide you with a profound and spiritual experience.  This is a place with outstanding Aboriginal history and diverse flora and fauna. In its area there are several smaller cities where you can provide gas and groceries, among the surrounding nature. Some of the activities include visiting Gunlom Falls, going on a Sunrise Yellow Water cruise and a journey through its wetlands. You can be at peace because there are many car parks, and designed walk-paths for exploring. You can rent a bike, or choose hiking paths.

Destination: Uluru National Park

Another place of great cultural significance and stunning landscapes are without a doubt the Uluru Rock towers. Their formation began over 500 million years ago, and just walking at their base evokes this feeling of something being far greater than ourselves. The view of this monolith and its colours changing from brown and orange to burning red during the sunrise or sunset will make a lifetime memory. Even though you can see amazing things, you can do amazing things as well. Activities such as skydiving, camel riding tours, visiting art galleries and secluded sand dunes are just some of them.


Australia truly has it all, for both outdoorsy types and city lovers. Diversity in landscapes goes from heavenly beaches to wetlands, canyons, deserts and rainforests.  Whether you choose the view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, or the Uluru monolith for your perfect sunset, it’s going to be unforgettable. This applies especially if you choose road tripping – memories created, passages and landscapes seen on the way will be equally mesmerizing as the ones you could simply fly to.

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