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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Planning for the Perfect Vacation: 7 Must-Pack Items to Bring with You

19 Sep Planning for the Perfect Vacation: 7 Must-Pack Items to Bring with You

Whether you love packing or hate it with a passion, we all need to do it when we’re getting ready to travel. When you’re away from home, you won’t have access to all the options of your closet, which is you’ll want to pack judiciously when travelling so that you won’t feel limited in your choices of clothing or have to buy lots of essentials once you’ve landed.

While your destination might change, there are a few things that you will need to make your vacation more comfortable no matter where you go. To make your perfect vacation a reality, get your luggage in order by remembering to pack these seven things:

  1. Chargers

Chargers are one item that is so often forgotten when people leave on vacation that they are sold in droves at airport kiosks and at gas stations. To save yourself the headache and the money, double check that whatever electronics you’re bringing with you have their accompanying charger along for the ride. To avoid forgetting something as key as your phone charger, but a secondary one and keep it stashed in your luggage.

  1. Laundry bag

When you’re packing your bag, you rarely consider that most of those clothes are coming back dirty. To avoid having your dirty clothes mix with your clean clothes and forcing you to do a “sniff test” when you are back home, pack a laundry bag that will allow you to easily separate the clean from the unclean in your bag.

  1. A swimsuit

Whether you’re going on a beach vacation, a business trip, or hiking in the mountains, a swimsuit will always come in handy. Unexpected chances to relax in a hot tub, swim in a lake, or unwind in the hotel pool will all go up in smoke if you don’t have a bathing suit to change into (and who really wants to shop for a bathing suit on vacation?).

  1. Paper copies of important documents

While electronic documents have made everything infinitely simpler, you always want to carry paper copies of important documents. These should include hotel confirmations, transport confirmations, and printouts of any confirmations if you buy tickets for popular things to do in the area. Plus, your cell phone may not work in another country.

  1. Sunscreen

If you’re heading south for a week, this is usually a no-brainer, but the sun can be potent in many situations that people overlook. Sunny mountains will produce blinding glare as the sun bounces off the snow, as will higher elevations where the air is thinner. Protect your skin year-round by making sure to bring and apply sunscreen.

  1. First aid kit

We’re going to say right now: don’t forget to pack this one in your checked bag! However, a first aid kit can really come in handy when you’re on vacation. From bandages to hydrocortisone cream to medications for allergies and upset stomach, having a small pharmacy at your disposal will mean a lot less headache if you need it while travelling.

  1. Lip balm

Keep your lips soothed and moisturized by keeping a tube of your favorite lip balm on you. Planes can be incredibly dehydrating, as can hot or cold weather, which is why a high-quality lip balm will be a life saver in these moments.

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