What To Pack For A Trip To Ecuador - For Female Travelers
Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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What To Pack For A Trip To Ecuador – For Female Travelers

22 Aug What To Pack For A Trip To Ecuador – For Female Travelers

What To Pack For A Trip To Ecuador - For Female Travelers

Ecuador is a small country in South America.  It has four regions: Jungle, Andes, Coast and The Galapagos. This article covers an overall packing list of what you should pack for a trip to Ecuador.

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Going to the Galapagos Islands? Read this post on what you need to bring! 

Lonely Planet Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands (Travel Guide)

Even though you can find a lot of valuable information on the internet it is always good to bring the Lonely Planet guide on your trip. The information there is tested out by professionals with their honest opinions and best options to get around, safety tips, accommodation, what to do and transportation.  Buy this guide a few months before you go to read up and plan your best trip to Ecuador ever.

This post contains affiliate links. Disclosure policy.

Fujifilm X-T1 Weather Resistant Digital Camera & 18-55mm XF Lens with 64GB Card + Case + Battery & Charger + Tripod + Tele/Wide Lens Kit 

This weather resistant camera is perfect for Ecuador. It is smaller than a DSLR camera and so handy for traveling without carrying a heavy camera bag, this camera is a lifesaver!

GoPro HERO5 Black


You will regret not having an underwater camera if you don’t bring one. The newest Go Pro Hero 5 is the best on the market. I still regret today not getting the newest one when I was in Galapagos. I had a Go Pro 2 and it is so bad compared to the newest Go Pro. You have a screen so you will see the photos you take. You can shoot 4k videos and the photo quality is better than ever. It also automatically adds the photos to GoPro plus cloud so you can access the photos from your phone right away. Don’t forget to add at least a 64 GB memory card. You don’t want to have a full memory when you are already underwater.

8000mAh Powerbank Portable Charger- Pink 


Is providing super fast charging for the newest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones! This is a must for the traveler! I can’t be the only one that has had nightmares while traveling because the phone died. This powerbank has got your back and can save your ass while you are trying to find the hotel or bus stop in Quito or wherever you might go in the future. It also automatically turns off when it reaches 100%.



Gregory Women’s Jade 70 Backpack, Rosewood 

Is a stylish backpack which is built perfectly for the female back! It is a must for a backpacking trip to Ecuador.

Pacsafe Venturesafe X30 Anti-Theft Adventure Backpack 

Is a must for the traveler that wants to keep your stuff safe inside your bag without going around and worry about it at all times. This bag is perfect for day-trips in Ecuador as it is a country known for pickpockets. Pacsafe uses the newest method on locks, anti-slash, and RFIDsafe blocking pockets for sensitive data such as microchips. 

Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Anti-Theft Handbag 


This anti-theft handbag is a must-have for small city trips in Ecuador where you don’t need to bring a backpack. If you are going out or taking the bus. There are a lot of pickpocketing in Ecuador. Keep your phone, passport etc safe in this purse! You won’t regret it!

The First Outdoor Women Waterproof Breathable Climbing Walking Hiking Shoes Sneaker


These all-around sneakers are perfect for a trip to Ecuador. It is waterproof and great for hiking, climbing and walking.

Cupshe Fashion Women’s Pure Color Lace Up Halter Padding Bikini Set Beach Bathing Suit


It is not many swimming options in the Andes, but if you go to the Coast or The Galapagos a bikini is a must. The coast is really hot and you honestly won’t find nice bikinis in the shops there. The import tax is high in Ecuador so if you wait till you come there to buy your bikini, you will end up paying a lot more than if you bought it online.

Fashionazzle Women’s Floral Print Short Sleeve Romper


This romper is gorgeous and it is perfect for Ecuador. It covers your shoulders which are a good thing if you don’t want to get sunburnt there.

Kari Traa Rose Long Sleeve Womens Long Underwear Top

Is great for travel in the Andes mountains where you might go for a hike. It can get quite cold and some places it snows. This sweater keeps you warm as well as it won’t make you sweat. Norwegian standard.

The North Face Women’s Resolve Plus Jacket

This waterproof and windproof jacket is perfect for Ecuador as it will most likely rain some days on your trip there. And it doesn’t feel too sweaty as well which is good for Ecuador.

Classico Trilby Snap Brim Fedora Straw Panama Hat Handwoven In Ecuador  


Ecuadorians are proud of the “Panama hat” many people think it is originally from Panama, but that is wrong. It all started in Cuenca in Ecuador and the maker sold it in Panama where it became known for Americans. This hat is handmade in Ecuador and is a must-have everywhere in Ecuador as the sun is super strong all year long.

Tadge Goods Windproof Travel Umbrella with Automatic Open/Close (Black) Rain Resistant Canopy with Teflon Coating | Wind Proof Durability | Includes Carry Bag 


It rains a lot in Ecuador, especially from March to May. If you are in Quito you should always bring an umbrella when you go outside, because the rain comes when you least expect it. This small umbrella is awesome where it is windproof so it won’t turn around and ruin the whole umbrella.

Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses Women  Retro Brand Sun Glasses 


The sun is incredibly bright and strong in Ecuador. Quito is in the middle of the world. The sun is brighter here than many other places in the world and it is at high altitude. These stylish and polarized sunglasses got you protected.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum Spf 55, 3 Oz.


Take no chances of avoiding sunscreen. Same as you need to protect your eyes you need to protect your skin. If you are in Quito and at the beach or sailing the Galapagos you need to put a good sunscreen on every 90 minutes at least to avoid getting sunburnt.  

Citronella Mosquito Repellent, Deet Free, Natural Insect & Bug Repellent Spray, Non Toxic, Perfect for Camping, Hiking, BBQs, Gardening, Outdoor Activities, Travel Size Bottle


If you are going to the Ecuadorian Amazon or the cloud forest you should bring a mosquito repellent. This one is non-toxic and will fit in your tiny purse. 

Going to the Galapagos Islands? Read this post on what you need to bring! 


  • Hallie
    Posted at 20:34h, 22 August Reply

    I seriously need to get a new backpack. That is a good one. My husband just got a new charger yesterday. Always good to be prepared on the go. Our last trip the Sky Roam would have been good too. Need to check some more of those wifi hotspot items out for sure.

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 10:46h, 28 August Reply

      I love that it is theft-proof 😀 Skyroam is a must 😀

  • Megan Indoe
    Posted at 00:06h, 23 August Reply

    I love those sunglasses you picked out! Great tips for packing for Ecuador. I would need to get one of those great lightweight jackets before I made the trip myself!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 10:45h, 28 August Reply

      They are awesome 😀 Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • LaiAriel R. Samangka ( Thelittlelai: Beyond limits)
    Posted at 06:09h, 23 August Reply

    What a great list of stuff to back for a female traveler. I love how you have tucked them all together, which makes it a perfect list. Yes, everything in your list is very necessary and helpful for someone who’s going to explore Ecuador. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I will also share this to my female friends for they might also love this list.

  • Patricia
    Posted at 10:32h, 23 August Reply

    I keep putting off investing in a GoPro, but after reading your tip about the GoPro HERO5 Black, I’m thinking that is the way to go. Excellent tip on the umbrella, and I love the fedora! I never seem to be able to find one that fits properly, but I am on the hunt. Also, I’m seconding your mosquito repellant suggestion. I also found that I needed something to repel these tiny black mites (maybe, not sure what they were) in the sand in Costa Rica. Great list!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 10:36h, 27 August Reply

      GoPro is the best. I love the non-toxic repellent on this list. So much better for your skin and the environment too 😀

  • Iuliana Marchian
    Posted at 10:40h, 23 August Reply

    I am happy to see that so many people recommend Lonely Planet. I don’t know how I started using this guide but now I have a huge collection of Lonely Planet (due to their pay 2 buy 3 promotion). I think that the guide is more than comprehensive and has lots of places. You just need time to go everywhere.

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 10:34h, 27 August Reply

      I love those books too, it is a must for me 😀

  • Candy
    Posted at 14:48h, 23 August Reply

    Skyroam and GoPro for the win!!! We take these two gadgets with us on all our travels and they never disappoint. I also love the Lonely Planet books cuz they always provide so much useful information 🙂 This is such a great list for Ecuador!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 10:30h, 27 August Reply

      Thank you. It is a must everywhere ey 😀 Totally agree 🙂

  • Cat
    Posted at 17:50h, 23 August Reply

    A great list of things to bring to Ecuador! Skyroam is a must to stay connected! I always bring my GoPro if I know I will be doing a lot of outdoor activities – the question is which mount to bring/buy 🙂

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