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Travel Blogger from Norway
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What To Pack For A Trip To Peru

03 Oct What To Pack For A Trip To Peru

What To Pack For A Trip To Peru

Peru is on the bucket list of many. Most of us have seen pictures of Machu Pichu and are generally fascinated by the Peruvian culture. It is important to know what to pack for Peru as it has varied climate and you don’t want to spend your vacation on buying stuff you need when you should have already had it packed. This is a broad list of what to pack for a trip to Peru.

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Lonely Planet Peru (Travel Guide)

The Peru Lonely Planet book should definitely be on your list to be able to prepare. Get it at least 3 months before your trip so you can read it through and prepare for the trip of your dreams. You can also get the Kindle version!


Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks with 2.5L Bladder for Hiking, Biking, Running, Walking and Climbing

Doing the Inca trail or any other hikes in Peru? Good, this is a must have for you. The leak proof water bladder is great for hiking and it makes it easier drinking water without taking off your bags all the time. This one does also have a small pocket for your digital camera and phone.


The North Face Boundary Triclimate Jacket – Women

The weather in Peru is unpredictable and you need to be prepared. It can be windy and suddenly rain. This 3-in-1 jacket is waterproof and also breathable.

ORORO Women’s Light Weight Insulated Heated Down Vest with Battery Pack

Going to Cusco or/and Lake Titicaca? You will freeze. This vest is the best of the best in heating clothes as it is insulated with heating and you can easily control it.


Kari Traa Women’s Rose 100% merino wool.

This base layer sweater is a must-have when you hike in cold weather. It is designed with 100% merino wool by a Norwegian skier and it will keep you warm but not sweaty. Ideal for Inca Trail.


ICEWEAR Brynja 100% Icelandic wool hand knitted Jumper with Zipper and Hood

North Europeans know how to dress for cold weather. This beautiful and hand knitted jumper is good for hikes and walking around Cuzco and staying the night in Titicaca.


adidas Womens Adidas Athletics Women’s Graphic Tee

This Adidas t-shirt is perfect for hiking in warm weather where you will not freeze. It will not make you wet when you sweat. Ideal for hiking Huayna Picchu.


Aenlley Women’s Activewear Yoga Pants High Rise Workout Gym Spanx Tights leggings 

These active pants are perfect for any type of hiking in Peru as it will not stick to your legs when you sweat.

Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe, Detroit/Autobahn

If you are doing challenging hikes like Inca Trail, Rainbow mountain and Huyana Pichu etc you need proper shoes with a good grip that keeps you warm that is waterproof. Salamon women X Ultra is an excellent choice.

Hi-Tec Penrith Low Women’s Waterproof Walking Shoes

For city trips in Cusco, Lima, and Arequipa the Penrith waterproof shoes is an excellent choice. They are good for day trips where you will be walking some hours as they are not too heavy as the one above.


Hatsandscarf CC Exclusives Unisex Ombre Confetti Knit Beanie 

A beanie is handy to have when it is cold and windy. It will protect your ears and keep your whole body warm.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

As you already probably know, Cusco gets cold in the evening. And ladies, I know it is tempting to wash your hair after a day with activities and maybe go out for a dinner later in the evening with washed hair. Most hostels dont have a hair dryer, you need to bring your own and you should. This tiny one from babyliss is perfect for travelling. 



DexShell ThermFit Waterproof Gloves

Same as the beanie, it sucks to freeze on your hands and not being able to take that picture. Bring gloves. These are waterproof as well.


Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses Women  Retro Brand Sun Glasses 

The sun is incredibly bright and strong in Peru.  The sun is brighter here than many other places in the world and it is at high altitude. These stylish and polarized sunglasses got you protected.

Fujifilm X-T1 Weather Resistant Digital Camera 

This weather resistant camera is perfect for Peru. It is smaller than a DSLR camera and so handy for traveling without carrying a heavy camera bag, this camera is a lifesaver!

GoPro HERO5 Black


You will regret not having an underwater camera if you don’t bring one. The newest Go Pro Hero 5 is the best on the market.  You have a screen so you will see the photos you take. You can shoot 4k videos and the photo quality is better than ever. It also automatically adds the photos to GoPro plus cloud so you can access the photos from your phone right away. Don’t forget to add at least a 64 GB memory card. You don’t want to have a full memory when you are already underwater.


8000mAh Powerbank Portable Charger- Pink

Is providing super fast charging for the newest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones! This is a must for the traveler in Peru, especially if you are doing the Inca Trail! I can’t be the only one that has had nightmares while traveling because the phone died. This powerbank has got your back and can save your ass. It also automatically turns off when it reaches 100%.



Pacsafe Venturesafe X30 Anti-Theft Adventure Backpack 

Is a must for the traveler that wants to keep your stuff safe inside your bag without going around and worry about it at all times. This bag is perfect for day-trips in Peru as it is a country known for pickpockets, especially in Lima. Pacsafe uses the newest method on locks, anti-slash, and RFIDsafe blocking pockets for sensitive data such as microchips.

Microfiber Travel Towel This is a must have for backpackers staying at hostels or doing the Inca Trail. Many hostels in Peru doesnt give you a towel. This towel is perfect for backpacking in Peru.  It is highly absorbent and dries incredibly fast compared to normal towels. This microfiber travel towel is very soft and comfortable to use.


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum Spf 55

Take no chances of avoiding sunscreen. Same as you need to protect your eyes you need to protect your skin. 

Citronella Mosquito Repellent, Deet Free, Natural Insect & Bug Repellent Spray, Non Toxic

If you are going to the Peruvian Amazon or Machu Picchu you should bring a mosquito repellent. This one is non-toxic and will fit in your tiny purse. 

Altitude Rx OxyBoost Complex

It sucks to get your vacation ruined because of altitude sickness. Prevent that by taking Altitude RxOxyboost.

USDA Organic Lip Balm by Sky Organics – 6 Pack Assorted Flavors

The weather can be quite dry in Peru. Protect your lips with these organic lip balms!

Have you been to Peru? Anything I missed on this list?

  • Stuart Forster
    Posted at 17:56h, 21 October Reply

    I would have had no idea what to pack for Peru. Personally I would leave behind the hairdryer and take sunblock and a medical kit.

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 18:33h, 22 October Reply

      It is hard to know, but having a hairdryer is so handy there 😀 Especially in Cusco.

  • Megan Indoe
    Posted at 12:54h, 08 November Reply

    Great tips! I had no idea there was stuff out there for altitude sickness, good to know! I love those battery power banks! They are a life saver!

  • Paige W
    Posted at 08:04h, 09 November Reply

    These are really great tip! I didn’t realize that there was non-prescription altitude medicine. I always call my doctor for that! Good to know! I use that same sunblock!

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 09:29h, 09 November Reply

      It is probably the best to talk to your doctor if you are unsure and taking other medicine etc. The sunblock is so good 😀

  • Nisha
    Posted at 14:03h, 09 November Reply

    That’s a pretty comprehensive list. Heated vest is definitely something I had ot heard of and I like the idea. 🙂 . Probably depends on the season when you are going to Peru. For AMS I normally pack a few tablets of Diamox.

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 14:05h, 09 November Reply

      Yeah and also where in Peru. The coast and the Amazon would not be cold 🙂

  • candy
    Posted at 18:52h, 09 November Reply

    This is a great comprehensive list. I have always wanted the Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks. And I had no idea there were medications for altitude sickness.

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 09:39h, 10 November Reply

      Hydration pack backpacks are so handy, especially when you are hiking 😀 Thank you for stopping by 🙂

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 09:39h, 10 November Reply

      Hydration pack backpacks are so handy, especially when you are hiking 😀 Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • Tania Mukherjee
    Posted at 00:20h, 10 November Reply

    Thank you for suggesting pants which look good yet it will not stick to my legs when I sweat. I was searching them from so long. I really don’t like my current non sticky pant as its very baggy and uncool. Yet all the stylish ones I have stick to my legs. All the other items mentioned are very helpful too. Also, I am bookmarking your article! 🙂

    • thevikingabroad
      Posted at 09:37h, 10 November Reply

      Thank you for stopping by. Yeah, it is pretty hard to find. Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Christina Pfeiffer
    Posted at 23:44h, 10 November Reply

    Thiis is a useful roundup of things to pack for Peru and there are lots of items here I’d love to buy! Those Northface jackets look really cool and it’s about time I get a new GoPro too!

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