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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Must-See Sights in Seattle

22 Jan Must-See Sights in Seattle

If you’re going to visit the Pacific Northwest, no trip is complete without a stop in the Emerald City itself: Seattle, Washington. A hub for all things caffeinated, quirky and green, Seattle is a city unlike any other and will ensure you have a visit like you’ve never had anywhere else. What are some can’t-miss landmarks that you and your family need to see?

The Waterfront

You simply can’t visit the Northernmost tip of the state and ignore the waterfront completely. There is so much to see and do while you’re there that the toughest part is only picking a few things to do.

Book a Fishing Expedition

There’s no salmon like fresh-caught Washington State salmon. Deck yourself in warm clothing and get your little ones fitted with boots and a kids rain jacket so that you can hit the water. There are plenty of businesses that offer services to charter a boat and take you to a prime fishing spot, but you can always go the old-fashioned route and bring a fishing pole of your own. Remember though, that you need a license and it needs to be fishing season for you to legally go out and catch some fish.

Go Shopping

Have you ever been to a shop with real-life mummies hanging out inside of them? What about an entirely pirate-themed store that sells everything from costumes to doubloon replicas? There are so many shops on the Seattle waterfront that you have never even heard of, so see for yourself what you’ve been missing — and say hello to Sylvia and Sylvester while you’re there.

Visit the Science Center

Although most of the time these kinds of places cater to kids, adults can enjoy a visit to the Pacific Science Center as well. Full of weird things like bug displays, hands-on technology and VR displays and a stunning butterfly room, there is something for everyone.

Pike Place Market

If you’ve heard of the Market but really have no idea what it is, prepare yourself for a treat! Imagine the largest farmer’s market you can think of, but indoors and three stories tall. People of all nationalities peddle everything from woodworking crafts to fresh flowers, and there are shops hidden upstairs and downstairs for the extra-curious. You will not be bored for a moment while you’re at Pike Place Market!

The Fish Market

Imagine a scene: You are shopping for seafood and see an amazing salmon on display. You ask to buy that one and before wrapping it, the fishermen shout your order back at you, shout it at each other — and promptly toss your salmon across the market to one another. If you think this concept only exists in cartoons, think again! “Flying fish” is a beloved tradition at the fish market and is quite a sight to behold, especially when it’s your dinner that’s being thrown around.

Golden Age Collectibles

Geeks unite! If you’re obsessed with a particular icon in pop culture, there’s a very good chance that this awesome store has something for you. Selling everything from comic books to posters and prints, Golden Age Collectibles has been a hub in the Market since 1961. It’s easy to spend entirely too much time rifling through the merchandise finding exactly what you are looking for — because there’s a good chance that it’s there, somewhere.

The First-Ever Starbucks

Although technically this one resides outside the Market, it’s directly across the sidewalk and is worth a stop inside. Even if you don’t like the taste of Starbucks’ signature burned taste, being able to say that you ordered something at the first Starbucks ever does give you some bragging rights.

There is no place on Earth like Seattle. Despite its notoriety for rain, loud sports fans and disgruntled factory workers (looking at you, Ridgeway), it really is the trip of a lifetime. Rich in beauty, culture and history, make a visit to the beautiful Pacific Northwest a destination to check off your bucket list.

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