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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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Must-see Movies to Discover New Places

25 Jan Must-see Movies to Discover New Places


Have you ever seen a movie that depicted a certain place in such a way that you just wanted to grab your bags, pack up and head for that new exciting land you just saw? I bet this happened to you more than once, but the plot was still to intriguing to leave the movie before it ends. If you draw your traveling ideas from movies, then this article is just what you need in order to plan your next trip. We’ll see some of the best movies that served as an inspiration to many travelers worldwide, mostly because the director managed to captivate the beauties and attractions specific to the area in which the plot is taking place.

In Bruges – A city that opens up like chocolate

If the first thing that pops into your head when you hear someone talking about Belgium is chocolate, then you need to take a look at this film. If amazing performances by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are not enough, watching them enjoying their ride down the canal with Bruges showing its best along the way will certainly inspire you to learn more about gold-plated rooftops, mesmerizing gothic architecture. Bruges is decorated by several canals which provide a soothing atmosphere and a view that just can’t be ignored. Classical art lovers can explore both Flemish and international works of art, like Michelangelo’s “Madonna and the child” that made a cameo in the movie.

The Da Vinci Code – Cultural voyage through the Old Continent

Based on a book by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code follows Robert Langdon on an adventure that starts in Paris, a city thriving with marvelous French architecture, miracles of the art world displayed in Louvre, fantastic urban scenery that makes you want to write a poem or create a painting. It’s really no wonder why Paris was always such an inspiration for artists from all over the world.

The second half of the movie is reserved for the United Kingdom, to be exact England and Scotland that were represented by 12th century Temple Church in London, the old Knights Templar English headquarters and the majestic Rosslyn Chapel which is surrounded by breathtaking Scottish landscape. All the above-mentioned locations are full of stories that nobody should miss out on, and all hold important historical treasures that many people don’t even know exist.

The European capitals are a useful source of materials for students that usually ask for research paper help from online services like Careers Booster, Assignment Holic, and others. One trip across the Old World and you’ll have all the material you need.

Bal-Can-Can – The Balkan experience

A typical representative of the European comedy will make you laugh as hard as you can, while at the same time shows all the wonders and controversy surrounding the Balkan nations. The plot follows main characters on a road from Macedonia, over Bulgaria to Serbia, then Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those who are not acquainted with the Balkan Peninsula will be able to see how each nation is similar to others although they all have distinct differences.

The movie sheds a light on wonderful nature, astonishing centuries-old culture, reminiscences of old Roman empire, the former glory of communist Yugoslavia, and heartwarming spirit of the people that manage to stay happy and welcoming no matter what or who is knocking on their doors. If you want to explore Balkan nations, start here and you’ll most certainly pack up your bags and leave before the end credit scene is over.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Spain through the eyes of Woody Allen 

This movie is centered on what it feels like to be an artist in Spain, where you can draw your inspiration from, who you can look up to, and what masterpieces will forever haunt your creative spirit. Allen takes us on a journey that starts in Barcelona but it includes so much more of Spain we don’t get the chance to see so often. Places like Monte Naranco where bicycle races are a part of long-lasting tradition will show you a completely new level of infatuation with nature. Furthermore, Santa Maria del Mar, a 14th century classic Catalan Goth architecture representative shows the skill or Kingdom of Aragorn’s builders which created a monumental place of worship that stands to this day.

As two Americans enjoy wine, food, and sex they also feast their eyes upon the beauties of Park Guell and the splendors of Gaudi’s genius built into every piece of architecture that decorates the park complex. In Addition, the movie takes two girls to Aviles and Oviedo with its monument to the traveler.


We tried to devise a list of movies that will open your mind for places other than large metropolitan areas like New York, Tokyo, Berlin, although a few of the “big players” made it on the list. True, it’s always a good idea to explore big cities and enjoy everything they have to offer. However, it’s not a bad idea, from time to time, to see what places that are not a part of the regular offer have to show. Now it is time to pack up your bags and decide where you’re going to travel next.




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