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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Make Your Bali Vacation Special In 5 Ways

24 Jun Make Your Bali Vacation Special In 5 Ways


The idyllic island of Bali is in most people’s dream vacation list. People all over the world would love to flock to this tropical paradise in a heartbeat, which isn’t surprising as there are many reasons this island has become a firm favourite. One of those reasons is the unique vacation experience the island offers.

If you are one of the lucky people who can start turning the dream of exploring breathtakingly beautiful Bali into reality and take a break in this paradise, you may want to try these few ideas to make your stay in the island truly special. 

  1. Get Your Own Private Tour Guide – Among smart tips you should know before going to Bali is hiring your own private tour guide. You may be surprised to learn that hiring a private guide is easy and affordable in Bali, as the cost of living in the island is very low. You won’t regret getting a knowledgeable local to take you to special places that are not in the usual tourist track. Prefer a guide who also offers transportation, as it will make exploring the island hassle-free.
  2. Choose To Book Online – Not only does Google aid you well in searching for a tour offering that would cater to your liking, it can also bring you to sites that offer different Bali accommodations that would suit every budget. If you truly want a one-of-a-kind experience while in Bali, you may want to book for a luxury villa. From a variety of Google results, check out what the offerings include. You can even arrange an all-inclusive 5-star accommodation.



  1. Stay At A Luxury Balinese Villa – What would be more perfect than being in one of the most beautiful islands in the world and getting to live an A-lister’s lifestyle? You can check out Seminyak private villas by Cantik for some of the best luxury private villas in Bali. With a luxury villa, you get to have your own chef and butler. They will be at your service for the entire duration of your stay.
  2. Book For A Daily Spa Treatment – Go ahead, treat yourself to a relaxing spa, you deserve it. Make it even a daily experience by booking the right villa accommodation. Get those tired and tense muscles to relax while basking in luxurious surroundings. Have your own private masseur for that top-notch, luxurious health treatment.
  3. Try That Underwater Adventure – You are in one of the best diving spots in the world, so why not explore the amazing marine life Bali is also known for. Book for a scuba diving course and whether you are a seasoned diver or just a newbie, there’s bound to be a course for you. You even get to save on the cost of the scuba diving experience if you come in with a group.


Make your Bali escapade a truly unforgettable one. A quick Google search should help you learn about the different tour packages on offer. This will help ensure that you get to experience only what Bali can offer. Once you find what you want out of the vacation, start making all the bookings and just wait for your scheduled departure for the island.

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