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How to Travel the World as a Student

24 Jul How to Travel the World as a Student


Traveling is considered expensive for students. However, there are multiple ways to cut traveling expenses and visit the places of your dreams paying very little money. In this article, I’m going to share several useful tips on how to travel the world as a student using low-cost options.

Use Student Discount Cards

As a rule, students don’t have a lot of money at their disposal. However, university ID cards and International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) offer free or discounted tickets to museums all over the world. ISIC is an international student discount card recognized globally. For instance, you can use this card to receive discounts when visiting the Pushkin Museum (Moscow) or Yonghe Lama Temple (Beijing). Visiting museums and exhibitions will help make student tours more interesting. NUS (National Union of Students) card offers a discount of 25% for bus journeys in the UK. Similarly, Student Advantage Card in the US offers various discounts on clothes, food, and bus rides which make student trips much cheaper.

Participation in Student Travel Programs and Exchange Programs

Try to get to know whether your university or college offers any student travel opportunities. According to Aqui você pode comprar tcc 100% sem plágio, many colleges, and universities can give lowered prices for accommodation and transportation charged in these programs because of the great number of attendants. So, you can apply for one of these student travel programs in your university. However, the quality of accommodation might not impress you, but you will have an opportunity to travel the world at a low cost.

Participation in student exchange programs is another great opportunity to see the world. It may seem unusual to leave home for many months and stay in a house with people you don’t know at all. At the same time, this can help to meet new people and discover new verges of your personality. You can sign for exchange student programs at your school like Erasmus+. You can find several organizations offering exchange student programs in your region that can be found online. You can travel to different countries and learn the cultures of other people by participating in these programs.

Share Traveling Expenses with a Friend

Inviting a friend to travel with you will help to save on accommodation, food, and transportation. For example, sharing a meal in a restaurant with a friend will help to save some money. Also, sharing a room with a friend is beneficial. Besides, you can spend more time with your friend and get a lot of positive impressions.

Choose Cheaper Options

Students can use couch buses or international trains instead of planes to save money on transportation. Also, low-cost airlines offer flights at a good price or provide seasonal discounts. For example, you can fly from Nice to Vilnius even at €25-30! So, check seasonal discounts and plan your trips in advance to save on transportation. or offer affordable flights during low season in different countries.

Choosing a bicycle is not only a cheap but a healthy alternative as well. Many people start to choose bicycles as means of transportation because cars are more expensive and not eco-friendly vehicles.

Traveling around Europe is fun because you can find a great variety of hostels in European countries. This is not the case with African or South American countries, but still, they can offer cheap accommodation at a good price. Therefore, plan your trip in advance, consider several alternatives and make wise choices to save money.

Find Summer Work

It may sound ridiculous, but one of the best ways to have a good rest is to find a job abroad. Some European touristic countries readily invite students for seasonal jobs. It will be easy for you to find a job in a hospitality industry (restaurants, cafe, hotels, hostels, etc.), amusement parks, swimming pools, and sports clubs. This type of trips for college students is advantageous from two perspectives: you can earn money and have an adventurous vacation!


Summer vacation can be fun even if you don’t have money. Using student discount cards is one of the alternatives to save on museum and exhibition entry tickets. Participation in student travel and exchange programs will help you to get familiar with other cultures. Another alternative is to share expenses with friends. Planning your trips in advance, considering several accommodation and transportation alternatives or using seasonal discounts offered by airlines help save a lot of money. Students can combine work and vacation by applying for jobs abroad. The most popular jobs for students are created in the entertainment industry, recreation, and hospitality.

Actually, there are many options for students who are willing to travel abroad. You just need to be inventive and flexible to make your life more adventurous and interesting.

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Ryan Bronson is one of the writers that only create articles on the topics that they love. For Ryan traveling is the biggest interest and he does not only like exploring the world around but also enjoys telling about his adventures to everybody else.

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