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How to Successfully Plan an Exotic Staycation at Home

06 Aug How to Successfully Plan an Exotic Staycation at Home

If you’re one of the thousands of people that had to cancel their vacation plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, don’t despair. Normal travel will resume soon, but until then you can make do with a homestyle staycation. Just because you won’t be flying to somewhere tropical doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a sun-filled, restful getaway in your yard, especially if you have kids. Here are five fabulous ways to successfully plan an exotic vacation right at home.

Throw a Poolside Soiree

Nothing spells out summer fun like a swimming pool, and when you’ve got one to splash around in, you’ll barely notice the missing vacation trip. If you’re just in the beginning stages of choosing between custom pools Montgomery, you’ll be making an investment that will serve you for years to come. A pool isn’t only endless days of summer pleasure while beating the heat, it can also be the center of all the other activities you plan. Think cook-outs, or create an island theme complete with a tiki bar and fresh fruit. You can also spend warm, starlit evenings out by your pool and add floating candles for a truly magical time right at home.

Take a Safari Hike

Maybe part of your vacation plans included seeing animals either at a sanctuary or zoo. Until you’re able to complete these plans, you can still do some animal-friendly activities with the kids. Find some safe trails, or a preserve in your area, and take a safari style nature walk. While you won’t be seeing tigers and lions, you can still find plenty of wildlife in the woods and your children can learn about local animals, trees and plants. Grab a field guide, magnifying glass and some binoculars and go looking for salamanders, frogs, squirrels and local birds. You’ll all spend a valuable few hours in lush surroundings where it’s cool and shaded.

Hold Movie Night

Not being able to travel is a huge disappointment, but it isn’t forever. In the meantime, why not spend a little of that time with some good movies filmed near your dream destination? Hold a special movie night or a marathon with travel adventures, scary films, summertime classics or just your favorites. Prepare for the evening by making popcorn, gathering delicious munchies and ordering take-out. Make your living room comfy with plenty of pillows, then light some candles and settle in for a great movie or two!

Sample Exotic Dishes

If you’re not able to travel to a faraway land and enjoy the food, bring the exotic dishes to your own kitchen! One of the best parts of any foreign vacation is trying new food, so while you’re stuck at home, this is the time to experiment with cooking dishes you’re anxious to try. If you’re fantasizing about palm tree-covered islands, try some Caribbean dishes like jerk chicken, rice and beans and plantains. Dreaming of Greece? Try your hand at some Mediterranean dishes like spanakopita or kabobs.

Have a Treehouse Adventure

Many travel destinations have jungle or mountain tree houses for lodging and if this is something you’re missing out on, why not take this free time to build the kids a treehouse or fort? When it comes to building kids their own place, just wait until you see their reaction. You’re almost guaranteed to get as excited as they do when you start decorating and furnishing it with them. When the house is complete, be sure to add some fun things like cushions, a basket on a rope and a good, sturdy ladder.

Plan Fun-Filled Days

While everyone is anxiously awaiting the green light to resume their travel plans, that doesn’t mean you can’t be entertained at home. You can plan fun-filled days by the pool, nature hikes and even building a treehouse. The important thing is to remember that everyone is in this together, and making the best out of the situation means staying safe and enjoying every minute you can.

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