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How To Stay Rested and Well Slept While Traveling

11 Sep How To Stay Rested and Well Slept While Traveling

nnnThere’s nothing more exciting than hopping on a train or bus and going on vacation. Visiting new places and meeting new people is an experience that can humble and inspire anyone. Our minds might crave a good trip, but our bodies often protest a tiny bit. Joint aches, stomach problems, and allergies are just some of the most common issues people encounter while traveling. Most of all, travel will impact your sleep schedule, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep when you truly need it. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to mitigate this and get some good shut-eye.

Mask on, mask off

Light is one of the biggest obstacles to getting a good night’s sleep. People need to stay in the dark in order to properly rest. One of the many ways our body regulates our sleep patterns is with the use of natural light. When you’re constantly under bombardment from natural and artificial light, it becomes difficult to fall asleep. 

This is especially prominent when you’re traveling. Whether you’re going by bus or plane, chances are that there’s going to be some light pollution around you. People are constantly on their phones and the transport vehicle will always have some overhead lights for visibility. Luckily, solving this is pretty easy. A mask is all you need to block out incoming light. As long as the light doesn’t reach your eyes, the sun could be shining straight at you for all you care. Make sure that your travel mask is made from a thick material that will block out all the light. This way, you have a portable night time wherever you go. Not even jet lag is going to set you back from a short nap every once in a while. 

Cut the coffee

Coffee is without a doubt the most popular stimulant in the world. A good cup o’ Joe can really get you going when you need some extra energy. A couple of cups can get you through that important midterm even when you’re short on sleep. Despite being an on-demand kind of substance, coffee has something of a rhythm to it. 

If you don’t get your scheduled dose in the morning, you’re going to feel drowsy and irritated until you do. There are certain times of the day where your body is used to taking coffee. This gives it a kind of rhythm for wakefulness. 

If you continue drinking coffee during your travels, don’t be surprised when the results end up being less than desirable. Your sleeping schedule is already going to be messed up from traveling, there’s no need to agitate it with coffee. Just to be sure, try to avoid coffee during the trip, or at least drink it in minimal amounts. You’re going to stay sleepy while you adapt, but that’s just going to make it easier to fall asleep while you’re in transit. 

No tech tonight

Technology gives you a wide variety of benefits while you’re on the road. For one, it’s nearly impossible to get lost when you have all the world’s maps at your fingertips. At the same time, it’s a lot easier to find food and living arrangements when you can talk to anyone halfway across the world months in advance. It also helps that you can see and talk to your close ones whenever you’re feeling lonely or bored.

However, there are a few tiny drawbacks to using smartphones and tablets during your travels. They create artificial light that can really mess with our natural circadian rhythm. The light makes it difficult to fall asleep in a normal timeframe. It would be best to avoid them at night when you’re trying to get some quality shut-eye. 

Keep it under covers

It’s easy to cozy up under the bed linens when they’re in your own bed. Not so much when you’re spending time away from home. Most hotels and villas won’t provide you with the same kind of experience when you try to catch a night’s sleep there. When you’re on a summer vacation, certain kinds of bed sheets won’t be of any use during the scorching weather. Still, you’re going to need something to cover yourself with.

Why not up the comfort level and bring your own bed linen along with you? If it’s compact enough to fit in your suitcase, there’s no better way to improve your shut-eye. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the bed linens you run into if you bring your own. Besides, it’s going to remind you of home and make sleeping on an unknown surface that much more comfortable. 

Keep a cool head

Stress is the number one reason for sleepless nights during travels abroad. People are worried about one thing or another. Will the trip go as planned? Will I run into issues at the border or lose my documents? The reasons just pile up and you end up anxious over nothing. This can really mess with your ability to fall asleep.

Keeping a cool head is essential when you’re traveling. You’re probably not going to find yourself in any bad situations that can’t be remedied. Millions of people travel every year without a care in the world, so you might as well carry on that tradition. Even if you end up in an awkward or difficult situation, it’s very likely to be resolved with minimal issues. 

If you find that your anxiety is really getting to you while you travel, you could try to curb it with a couple of things. A lot of people use meditation to get themselves in a clear state of mind when they’re not exactly calm. Alternatively, if you use medication, this would be an optimal situation to make use of it. Best of all, anxiety medication often helps people fall asleep with relative ease, so you get to kill two birds with one stone. 


Travelling is one of the most memorable experiences you can have in life. It’s worth all the hassle around organizing the trip and adapting to a different sleep schedule. With some smart thinking and planning ahead, you can make sure that you get the snooze you deserve.

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