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How to Plan a Honeymoon: 10 Tips for the Newlyweds

22 Nov How to Plan a Honeymoon: 10 Tips for the Newlyweds


As any married couple will tell you, planning a wedding is exhausting. Once your big day rolls around, you’ll mostly be glad that’s over with.

This is where the honeymoon comes in. As the first trip you’ll take as a married couple, the honeymoon can be a great respite. Of course, this is only true if you’ve taken certain steps to reduce the stress to a minimum.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Here are 10 simple tips on how to plan a honeymoon that will make your life easier!

1. Work Together

First things first: planning a honeymoon is not like planning a wedding. With the latter, you’re better off dividing your duties. When it comes to the honeymoon, though, you’ll want the planning to be a joint effort.

What happens if only one person handles the planning? In most situations, you’ll end up with a trip that caters only to their tastes. For this method to work, that person must be very perceptive about his or her partner’s wishes.

2. Choose the Right Budget

Other than taking a long time, wedding planning can get costly. If you find yourself strapped for cash, it’s tempting to take it out from the honeymoon budget. This will usually be a mistake.

If you’re not convinced, look at it from a logical standpoint. A typical wedding lasts six hours, whereas the average honeymoon length is eight days. Which one does it make more sense to focus on?

3. Do Your Research

When it comes to traveling, many people like to wing it. They pick a destination, book a hotel for the first night, and proceed from there. This method can result in a grand adventure, but it’s not the best choice for your honeymoon.

See, a honeymoon represents an important chapter in your life. In a way, this is a break between the wedding preparations and starting to live together. To get the most out of it, plan it out more thoroughly.

4. Watch for Hidden Fees

A honeymoon is expensive enough as it is, and that’s without last-minute surprises. Nobody enjoys getting to the airport to find out that there’s something wrong with their visa. Airport fees and transfers add up as well.

To avoid these issues, go through your honeymoon itinerary again. Pay particular attention to the cost of your bookings. For example, if your hotel is on a remote island, you’ll want them to provide transport from the airport.

5. Communicate with the Hotel

While you’re booking a stay at a hotel, don’t forget to mention that you’re on a honeymoon. Many places offer certain perks that you’d have to pay for otherwise. Examples include couples massages or breakfast in bed.

On a similar note, make sure to look at your hotel’s special services. For instance, they may only offer one opportunity for a private dinner per day. If that’s the case, you may want to make your reservation as soon as possible.

6. Don’t Copy Other Couples

As I mentioned above, wedding planning can take a lot of wind out of your sails. In these situations, you may try to cut corners by looking at what other couples did for their honeymoon. If they had fun, then you should too, right?

Well, honeymoon planning doesn’t work out that way. Every couple is different, and this particular trip should revolve around you and your spouse. Feel free to ask others for an opinion, but the final decision should be yours.

7. Be Specific

When planning out a honeymoon, being specific counts for a lot. Remember, your definition of “relaxing” might be someone else’s “boring.” To avoid any surprises, figure out what you and your betrothed want to get out of the trip.

One thing that can help in this regard is to balance relaxation with adventure. Sure, an exotic destination is a great source of exciting activities. Still, you’ll likely want to catch a breather from time to time as well.

8. Don’t Rely on Online Reviews

Google search can be a great help during the research phase. That said, you don’t want to rely on it too much. Online reviews tend to paint a certain picture, and this picture doesn’t always match reality.

If you want to vet a destination, talk to friends and family who have been there. You can also go to Instagram, which offers plenty of pictures of any place in the world. Finally, take a look at the next item on this list.

9. Use a Travel Agent

Yes, hiring a travel agent is a good way to make this process easier. Other than helping you choose the destination, they provide many other services. For example, they can point you toward an enticing honeymoon package.

A good travel agent also cultivates personal relationships with hoteliers around the world. In some cases, this can mean getting a room in a booked hotel. Other times, they’ll provide valuable first-hand knowledge.

10. Take as Long as You Need

Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s no need to rush your trip. In most movies, the happy couple head to the airport straight from their reception. In real life, though, experts recommend taking a break.

How big should this break be? That depends on how exhausted you are from the big day or how much you’ve had to drink. If you need more time — you might want to wait for the weather to get better — that’s okay, too!

More on How to Plan a Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon may not be a science, but it does involve a process. With these 10 tips above, that process should be easier to control.

My final piece of advice for you: start your planning early. If you want to get the best prices, the best time to book a honeymoon is six months prior. This is particularly true if you’re thinking of going to a specialized resort.

Want to know more about how to plan a honeymoon? Trying to make sure you won’t forget something you’ll absolutely need? Check out my Travel Tips section!

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