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How to Make Your Home Secure Before You Leave on Vacation

23 May How to Make Your Home Secure Before You Leave on Vacation

Traveling or going on vacation can be extremely exciting, especially when going you’re taking a long trip. One worry people have when leaving their homes for an extended vacation is leaving it unoccupied and vulnerable to theft. In fact, thieves break into homes most often when families leave for vacation. Vacant homes have an exponentially higher probability of being robbed than people who are at home. That’s because burglars find it easier to rob unattended homes. That being said, your home needs twice as much protection when leaving on a trip for any length of time. Secure your home, protect your valuables, and enjoy during your trip by using some of these tips. 


Know How Burglars Operate

When you know how burglars tend to operate, you have a much better chance of protecting your home. Learning the time of day burglars like to steal, what they like to steal and what kinds of homes they’re most likely to steal from can keep you from being victimized. It is also important to know how common burglar techniques so that you can know how burglars manage to get into your home.  Statistics show that one-third of all burglars break into the front door of homes. Many will even knock first to see if you are home. Therefore, it is ideal to use a doorbell camera that will record everything and everyone that approaches your doorstep. This is one of the best ways to protect your home when leaving for a trip because you can see what is going on at your front door from your phone.


What Not To Do When Trying To Protect Your Home?

We all know how easy it is too excited to go on a trip. This makes it very hard not to gush about everything we’re doing. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous. You don’t want the wrong people to know your travel plans. You also don’t want them to know how long you expect to be gone. 

Additionally, it is very easy for people to find out personal information, like the neighborhood you live in, or even your address on social media. Informing your hundreds, if not thousands, of online friends that you are out traveling can invite break-ins and other problems. Therefore when traveling, try your best to not tell all of your social media friends. Only share the information with a handful of people you know you can trust. Consider waiting until you are back home to post widely about the details of your vacation. By the time you are back in your home, the threat of a break in will decrease dramatically.


What If My Home Is Broken Into With Protection?

It is very rare for a burglar to be brave enough to rob a home with extra security. Some, unfortunately, still opt to take the risk. It never hurts to make sure your valuables are safe and secure while you are away, so consider keeping them locked up in a safe. This might include expensive jewellery, tablets, laptops, cameras, expensive shoes, precious family heirlooms, and other pricey or sentimental items. Even with your valuable items hidden away, the damage a break in causes to a home can be extensive. Because of this, you may also want to consider getting a home insurance plan that will cover any damage to your home caused by a break in, for example, damage to your windows, locks, doors, cabinets, etc.


By doing all of these things, you will not only protect your home, but you will enjoy greater peace of mind while you are away on vacation and enjoy your time more fully.

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