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How To Make the Most of a Vacation to St. George, Utah 

11 Feb How To Make the Most of a Vacation to St. George, Utah 

St. George, Utah is located on the southwest border of the state, which is near the junction of Nevada and Arizona. Its convenient location coupled with breathtaking natural scenery and a wealth of attractions makes it a popular tourist destination. The most enjoyable vacations, however, require planning. Getting all your ducks in a row to ensure that you and your family or friends have a stellar time doesn’t have to be stressful. These four tips cover the basics of a trip to the Beehive State.  

1.Create an Itinerary 

It might seem exciting to visit a new city with no plan for what to do. In actuality, this approach wastes time and results in a disappointing experience. Creating an itinerary ensures that you can visit the places that speak to you the most, whether its restaurants, museums or national parks. It’s as simple as having a conversation with the members of your group to discover what interests them and making a list of where you want to go. Internet search engines and guide books are great resources for research. 


Of course, your itinerary might change on a whim depending on circumstances that can arise as you’re exploring all that St. George has to offer. Vacations don’t happen often and many veer from their established plans when they spot a new, interesting place or if they change their mind and decide that a destination doesn’t sound as fun as when they were researching it from the comfort of their homes. An open mind is beneficial when you’re navigating the intricacies of travel.  


2.Pack Carefully  

Throwing a minimal amount of clothes and some toiletries in a suitcase is ok, but preparing for mishaps, unexpected events or emergencies is even better. Items such as sunscreen, rain jackets, hand sanitizers, snacks and extra phone chargers can be useful in a pinch. Packing more clothing than you think you need is also a smart strategy. Even a small event like spilling food on yourself at a diner or dressing incorrectly for the weather can dampen your mood. It’s comforting to know that you have everything you need in your hotel room and that running to a store isn’t necessary.  



One of the most appealing things about St. George is its affordability. It’s also easy to get excited and spend more money than you have. Avoid this pitfall by budgeting your expenses. Start saving well before the start of your trip so that you don’t have to use a credit card and go into debt during a period that’s supposed to be about relaxation and peace of mind. Research the total cost of travel, accommodations, sightseeing activities and food to ensure you have enough. If possible, save a little extra so that you can splurge on pricey souvenirs or a second appetizer at a restaurant.  

Bigger parties require more money for everyone to have a blast. If everyone can chip in and keep an eye on their finances during the expedition while maintaining a positive mindset, then the fun is guaranteed. 


4.Enjoy Creature Comforts 

A vacation is an opportunity to venture into the unknown in more ways than one. Don’t miss taking advantage of a hotel that can pamper you after a day of traversing an unfamiliar city. The best hotels in st george utah have amenities that are more luxurious than your home such as a pool, spa, exercise room, outdoor BBQ and children’s wading pool. Discounts are available through booking sites and if you make a reservation well in advance of your arrival date.   

Engaging in these activities for even an hour or two can promote relaxation and bring you closer to your friends and family. The memories that you make during these moments stay with you long after your departure.  

St. George is one of Utah’s most gorgeous cities. These four tips can ensure that your visit is as stellar as the stars in the sky after a desert sunset.  

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