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How to Choose the Right Cut of Chicken

22 Mar How to Choose the Right Cut of Chicken

Grilled, barbecued or even fried who doesn’t enjoy eating chicken?

Besides its taste, chicken is good for you because of the proteins and vitamins that it contains. It is a good source of phosphorus and also helps to keep your teeth and bones healthy.

When you eat chicken you are not just savoring the flavor, and you are also getting health benefits.

If you love cooking, continue reading to learn all the different cuts of chicken that you can use.


This is the most popular chicken cut. It can come with the skin or skinless. It may also come whole or cut into pieces.

The breast is the leanest part of the chicken and is even leaner when skinned. Some popular ways that you can try preparing it are roasting, grilling, baking, pan-fried, barbecued and even stuffed.

You can try it in a delicious Caesar salad or eat it with corn and stuffed potatoes.


Like most people you probably love either spicy or barbecued wings, maybe both. They are also the cheapest part of the chicken.

These are delicious when served grilled, fried or barbecued. Did you know that they’re higher in fat than chicken breast but just as fatty as the thigh or drumstick?

It’s good to use a sticky glaze to bring out their meaty and rich flavor. Marinating them overnight gives them even more flavor.

These are a great treat with fries or wedges. They are also a healthy choice with salad.


Similar to wings, they are also cheap. Drumsticks taste great when they are grilled, barbecued or even curried. When they are fried you can eat them with fries.


Some say this is the tastiest part of the chicken! They can be bought with skin or stripped. They may also come with bone or deboned.

Thighs have darker meat and take a bit longer to cook. They make great kebabs and are succulent when baked, grilled or roasted.

Leg Quarters

When you buy leg quarters you have the best of both worlds, since this is a combination of a drumstick and a thigh. If you can get iqf chicken leg quarters then go ahead. This will make the meat more succulent when cooked because cells will be preserved due to individual freezing.

Whether you try your hand at frying, grilling or barbecuing them. You won’t be disappointed.

Whole Chicken

This is probably the cheapest way to buy chicken and one of the most popular. When roasted, fried or baked it makes a delicious meal. You can also stuff the whole bird and bake it for a unique taste.

A Final Look at Different Cuts of Chicken

How do you like your chicken? Regardless of your answer, there are different cuts of chicken for your taste. Whether you like your chicken, fried, baked, grilled or roasted there is a cut or cuts that are just perfect for your taste.

That’s the versatility of chicken!

If you would like to know about world cuisine, please visit the travel guides section of the website.

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