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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Home Safety Tips for Long Vacations

04 Oct Home Safety Tips for Long Vacations

Whether you’re travelling locally or globally, a long trip is cause for celebration, but also concern. Because you’ll be out of town for an extended period of time, you may worry about maintaining your home’s upkeep and security while you’re away. Take precautions to keep your property safe from burglaries and other potential threats so you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind.

Keep Maintenance Appointments

Ensure your house remains well maintained while you’re on vacation so you’re not faced with a host of tasks and appointments when you return. Allow gardeners to keep mowing your lawn and pruning trees, for instance. Keep your pool healthy and clean for you and your kids in order to prolong fun pool activities. For example, if you have a pool in Florida, algae is one of the most common problem to have if not maintained. In that case give contractors that do pool construction in Santa Rosa Beach or anywhere in Florida access to your backyard so they can maintain your spa and swimming areas so they’ll be sparkling clean and in proper working order after your trip. Keeping appointments going while you’re away can also thwart thieves by making it appear that you’ve never left home.

Monitor Your Home

If you’d like to keep tabs on your property while you’re away, consider purchasing a reliable home security monitor so you can watch over it throughout your vacation. Cameras can be stationed throughout your yard and inside various rooms, particularly near doors where thieves might try to seek entry. You can also install a doorbell camera to see and even respond to someone at your front entrance. Some of these units will allow you to converse with a visitor on your porch via a phone application that will make it seem like you’re speaking from inside your house.

Enlist a Neighbor

If constantly checking on your home isn’t your ideal way to spend time on your vacation, ask a trusted neighbor to do it for you. He can check camera feeds or have access to the doorbell application to monitor activity if you have security monitors installed. If you don’t, a neighbor can physically check on your property every couple of days and pick up the newspaper or mail so it doesn’t pile up, which is a tale-tell sign that you’re not home. You can even leave a key in case he needs to enter your house in the event of an emergency.

Use Automatic Lights

When thieves are observing homes for signs that residents that are away, the lack of lights at night is a surefire indication that a residence is vacant. Consider installing motion sensor lights outside your home – they’ll turn on when someone drives by or approaches your driveway or front and back door. The illumination may thwart burglars – even if they don’t, they’ll definitely shine a light on someone trying to break into your house. In addition, put random indoor lamps on timers so they’ll turn on and stay on for a few hours – this will lead anyone casing your home to believe that you’re there occupying your rooms at night.

Ignore Social Media

While exploring a new vacation spot, most travelers are eager to share their adventures on the Internet. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook provide an easy way to show family, friends and other followers exactly where you are and what you’re doing each day you’re away. These posts, however, can alert someone who might have the motive and opportunity to burglarize or vandalize your property the knowledge that this is the perfect time to do it. Although you may be excited to plaster your trip snapshots on the worldwide web, consider holding off until you return home so you won’t be broadcasting the fact that you’re not home to the public.

When you’re on an extended vacation, your mind should be on seeing exotic sights, dining on exciting cuisine and spending time with friends and family. Following a few preventative measures before you leave home will ensure that you’ll be able to focus on the fun without worrying about what problems with your house might await you when you return.


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