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Great Whiskey Distilleries From All Around The World

24 Oct Great Whiskey Distilleries From All Around The World

Like food and beer,  many different liquors have enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. Whiskey is having quite the moment now.

In major cities, whiskey bars are booming allowing patrons to order flights of whiskey and to appreciate the nuances of different whiskey brands and flavors.

Whiskey distilleries from around the world are getting recognized for their unique flavors, aging techniques, and flavor profiles. If you like whiskey or want to see if you do, there isn’t a better time to participate in a whiskey tasting session.

Once you find your favorites, you might want your own personalized whiskey barrels to store your favorites. Shop here for a unique way to showcase your whiskey collection and preferences.

Read on to learn about some of the most well-known whiskey distilleries from around the world.

Brenne From Cognac, France

When someone sits down with a friend to enjoy a glass of whiskey, there’s almost always a good story or two as well. Brenne is a relatively new whiskey maker but it has a good story.

Started in Cognac, France, better known for its wine and champagne making, this whiskey was created by a ballerina based out of New York.

While the French actually drinks more whiskey than Americans, this one was made with the American palette in mind.

Kavalan Single Malt Whiskey

Kavalan is another newer whiskey distillery, starting in Taiwan. Many whiskey connoisseurs think Japanese whiskeys should get all the attention. But Kavalan is making its mark.

The beautiful distillery is located in the subtropical region of Taiwan. The warm and heavily humid conditions allow the whiskey to age more quickly than scotch.

This lovely bottle of whiskey is available in over 24 countries around the world. But it isn’t cheap, coming in at over $100 per bottle.

Mackmyra Single Malt From Sweden

This single malt whiskey has quite a success story too. Started in Sweden, using only Swedish products, it began before the new century began in 1999.

It produces several flavorful whiskeys including one which uses a juniper-smoked malt. While originally only available in Sweden, over the two decades of whiskey making, it now can be found around the world.

The company is even so successful, it is now a publicly-traded company. You too can own a little bit of whiskey production by adding some of their stock to your portfolio.

Visit the Caribbean, Try Cadushy

The Caribbean, known for whiskey? Sure, we know they love their rum, but whiskey?

In the small little Caribbean paradise of Bonaire, the Cadushy Distillery makes Captain Don’s Whiskey. There’s a famous local, who loved both scuba diving and whiskey (hopefully not at the same time) who inspired this name and the whiskey itself.

This local whiskey is made using local ingredients including corn, sorghum, and maishi chicitu. The maishi chicitu is rye grown locally on the island.

Once the whiskey is made, the distillery uses French barrels to age it. As it continued homage to the region, also in the barrels are tobacco leaves from Cuba.

Visit Mexico, Try Pierde Almas

Here’s another whiskey maker stepping away from their traditional roots. This distillery still produces the mezcal in abundance.

But it also using something else Mexico has in abundance and that’s corn. This is an unaged whiskey, which is normally not very popular with the U.S. palette. It is produced from both red and purple corn.

Some say the Pierde Almas, while different from more traditional whiskeys, has quite a smoky flavor. Some even liken it to the flavorings of cornbread, with an obvious greater punch.

Old Jameson and the Irish

In contrast to some of the newer distilleries making this list, Old Jameson distillery is an oldie and a goodie. Tracing its roots all the way back to 1780, they have been making whiskey for a long time.

And the Irish, along with the rest of the world love them for it. Visit Dublin and do a tour of the Old Jameson distillery.

You can even learn the refined nuances between Irish whiskey and their counterparts the Scottish whiskeys.

Glenfiddich, Scotland

Speaking of the Scottish, you can’t discuss whiskey makers without having a Scottish distillery on the list. If you want to visit a true Scottish whiskey-making legend, then Glenfiddich should be on your list.

Glenfiddich whiskey is one of the classics in a line-up of whiskeys. The distillery is very similar.

It offers up quite an experience for the visitor wandering the distillery with its years and years of whiskey aromas.

Jack Daniels, Lynchburg, Tennessee

Jack Daniels is the granddaddy in traditional whiskey-making and has been around for a long time.

Visitors can tour the distillery and see an abundance of artifacts. There are over 30 different exhibits for visitors to view and take in.

One thing you can’t do at the Jack Daniels distillery, taste the whiskey. Fun fact (or not so fun fact), you can’t taste it here. The distillery is located in a dry county. If you want to do a tasting after your tour, you have to visit a nearby county.

Maker’s Mark, Kentucky

This is another long-time famous American bourbon whiskey. You can visit Maker’s Mark as part of your tour of the whiskey trail.

This distillery allows you to see the self-proclaimed imperfect process used in making the whiskey bourbon. It is an up-close and personal kind of tour where you really get to witness and learn about their process.

Macallan, Craigellachie, Scotland

Macallan is another of Scotland’s great contributions to the whiskey world. If you visit this distillery, you’ll walk the lands where barley was originally harvested for production.

As a visitor, you will see first-hand their warehouses,  the full distillation process,  and the oak casks they use to age the whiskey.

The tour finishes with you being able to do some tasting. They serve up to four different single malt whiskeys to all the distillery guests.

Tour The Best In Whiskey Distilleries

If you have jumped on the whiskey bandwagon and why would you have not done that, you have some travel plans to make. With unique and renowned whiskey distilleries in every corner of the Earth, start planning your visits.

For more ideas related to travel, visit our Travel Guides and Travel Tips pages on the website.

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