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Great Tourist Destinations in Bahrain

25 May Great Tourist Destinations in Bahrain

Bahrain is a small country made of up over 80 islands in the Persian Gulf. Out of these islands, 33 are natural while 51 are man-made. The biggest of these islands is Bahrain Island. Most of the best vacation spots and tourist traps are on this island. Below are some of the best tourist destinations to check out the next time you take a trip to Bahrain.

Bahrain National Museum

If you’re a history buff, then one of the best places to visit in Bahrain is the Bahrain National Museum. Bahrain’s history is an exciting one. Hundreds of years ago, some of the island’s main inhabitants included Persians and the Portuguese. At first glance, these two cultures might seem like they have nothing in common. However, once you step foot in the museum, you can see firsthand how the people from these two cultures came together to make the diverse land that is Bahrain.

Dive Bahrain

If you’re spending your vacation in an island country, it would be a waste if you were not to spend some time in the water! One totally unique tourist activity in Bahrain is Dive Bahrain. Here, visitors put on scuba diving suits and dive into the coastal waters. Dive Bahrain has set up an old Boeing 747 [airplane] that is now being used as an artificial reef. This reef attracts all sorts of marine life. Divers can explore around and even inside the plane! This activity is perfect for anyone who loves swimming.

Al Areen Wildlife Park

Animal lovers rejoice! Bahrain has a wonderful zoo that is open to the public (so long as tours are scheduled ahead of time). There are a variety of Asian and African animals here, with more than 45 species of animals in total excluding the over 80 species of birds. Some of the coolest animals here include cheetahs, lions, zebras, giraffes, and the Nubian ibex.

The zoo has more to offer than just animals. There are also over 25 different species of plants. Many of these plants of native to Bahrain or surrounding countries. The Al Areen park covers over 800 hectares in total. On this land, there are over 100,000 plants. So, whether visitors come for the animal or plant life, they are sure to see something they’ve never seen before!

Religious Sites

There are a variety of religious communities in Bahrain. Islam is the majority religion, so there are several great new and historic mosques that visitors can see. Some even still hold religious services while others work more as tourist centers. Some great mosques to visit or worship in Bahrain include the Al Fateh and the Al Khamis mosques.

There are not only mosques in Bahrain. Since the country also has a small Jewish population, visitors can also check out several synagogues on the island(s). One of the most popular synagogues for tourists is the Bahrain Synagogue, in Manama.

National Theatre of Bahrain

Those people who love live theatre, music, and more will find no better place to see it in Bahrain than at the National Theatre of Bahrain (also called the Bahrain National Amphitheatre). This theatre has a capacity of about 1,000 seats. This makes it the biggest theatre in Bahrain!

Visitors can check the National Theatre of Bahrain’s official website to see upcoming performances and to learn more about the theatre’s history. Some of the previous shows that have been performed in years past include the Swan Lake ballet, the L’Orchestre Lamoureux, and Romeo & Juliet.

Ticket prices can also be found on the theatre’s website. The pricing all depends on what type of show is performing and where in the theatre you would like to be seated. On averages, prices range between 15-60 BHD.

As you can see, the tourism in Bahrain is highly diverse. Consider traveling here during your next vacation. Whether you love history, theatre, animals, or anything there, there is sure to be something for you!

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